School and Education in Lesotho


The school system in Lesotho consists of a 7-year primary school, which is free of charge and compulsory, as well as a 5-year secondary school, divided into a 3-year and a 2-year cycle. Under the supervision and direction of the Ministry of Education, schools in the country are mainly run by the three dominant Christian communities. Reading and writing skills in Lesotho are one of the highest in Africa. In 2009, it was estimated in the adult population (from 15 years) to 90% (83% for men and 95% for women). In 2009, attendance at the primary school for the current age groups was 73%. The country has a university, The National University of Lesotho, just outside Maseru. In 2009, the education sector accounted for 12% of total government expenditure.

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Land area 30,355 km²
Total population 1,969,334
Population density (per km²) 64.9
Capital Maseru
Official language English
Income per capita $ 3,300
Currency Loti
ISO 3166 code LS
Internet TLD .ls
License plate LS
Telephone code +266
Time zone UTC + 2
Geographic coordinates 29 30 S, 28 30 O

Lesotho Country Flag

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