LG Will Bring out an Automatic Converter 3D for Games

Few manufacturers are those who today still not have signed up to the fashion of the three dimensions, and there is the future or not, since LG seem to bet strong by this new technology.

With 3D Game Converter, the South Koreans have become the first company that creates software, helped by an OpenGL engine, serves to convert any game created in 2D to 3D, to take advantage of the LG Optimus 3D autostereoscopic 3-d display.

Software works in a simple way and completely transparent to the user, that you should only install the application in your terminal and run plays through it. The program will check if you have on your list data from optimization of the game in particular, and if you have them already you can enjoy the game in 3D. Otherwise, we will have to adjust the conversion manually.

LG hopes with this movement, on the one hand satisfy users who complained of shortage of titles in three dimensions, and on the other to developers, who can now offer their games in 3D without any cost in time of development or in money. In addition, that will serve to further sales of the LG Optimus 3D, which is the first terminal with this technology which has been seen by our borders.

The application will be available in the first update LG Optimus 3D, will be launched in October and that it presupposes reach terminals soon after. In addition, announce that the application will bring automatic optimization for 50 games output, to then be increased to double by end of this year.

A good movement no doubt by LG, which had seen to weaken sales of its terminal star with respect to other heavyweights as the SII Galaxy Samsung or HTC Sensation.