LG’s Plan: Your Phone Must Be Connected to All

Everything from LG televisions to-washing machines are now being equipped with technology that can talk together with mobile phones.

Today the phone is with us over everything, and now we are closer to being able to use the reminder the interacting with many of the things we use and meetings on our way. At least in some parts of the world to begin with.

According to our site has LG thus presented a range of new products at CES, which all contain technology with synergistic opportunities for mobile.

One of the more obvious examples are television, which makes it possible to mirror Android phone screen up on the tv screen. The latest in this part of the range is that it can be helped on its way by the NFC, which has been stuffed in flat screens.

In this context, a new feature for LG mobiles ready-Dual Screen Dual Play. It is about the fact that you can mirror a function from the phone to the TV and then continue working in another feature on the cell phone at the same time-for example, playing a video from the phone on Tv and write an email on your phone. It can also be used for games, where the actual game actions happening on the TV screen, while the management takes place on the mobile screen.

These features are not brand new in the mobile world. An iPhone can, for example, have similar interaction with the tv, but it does require, however, that investing in an Apple TV box.

LG has also showcased a technology named Panorama Note, which connects your phone along with the tv. Panoramic Note makes it possible to form a large work surface, which constantly emerges from the TV screen, while mobile screen serves as a sample/zoom of the big flat. Here you can e.g. work with details in a drawing program.

Soundbars, docks and white goods with NFC

Next, LG presented various soundbars with bluetooth, so that the music can be streamed directly from the phone.

During the spring comes in addition several speaker docks, which supports both bluetooth and NFC, Apple’s AirPlay technology, which works over Wifi.

This applies, among other things, a dock that can handle several different kinds of mobiles. It is thus the dock space for both Apple’s Lightning-Jack by iPhone and micro-USB for other phones.

Finally, and not least is the LG on the way with, among other things, cooling-/fryseskabe and washing machines, which are equipped with both NFC and internet connection.

Some of the products coming to Europe, while others in the first place will be reserved for the Asian market.