Lincoln County, Wyoming Demographics

Lincoln County, Wyoming is a county located in the south-central region of the state. It is bordered by Sweetwater County to the north, Uinta County to the east, Sublette County to the west, and Fremont and Carbon Counties to the south. The county seat and largest city is Kemmerer. According to the 2010 census, Lincoln County has a population of 18,106 people.

The geography of Lincoln County is mostly comprised of plains and mountains. The southern part of Lincoln County is mostly flat with some rolling hills while the northern part consists of high mountain peaks and valleys. The highest point in Lincoln County is Pilot Butte at 8,664 feet above sea level. The majority of Lincoln County lies within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem which provides stunning views throughout much of its area.

The climate in Lincoln County varies depending on location and elevation but generally it experiences hot summers with temperatures reaching mid 90s Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) and cold winters with temperatures dropping below zero Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). Precipitation levels are relatively low throughout most of the year with an average annual rainfall amounting to around 14 inches (35 cm).

Lincoln County has a variety of economic activities that help support its population. The main industries in this area are agriculture, tourism, mining, energy production and ranching. Agriculture plays an important role in providing jobs for local residents as well as supplying food for local markets. Tourism also contributes significantly to the economy as visitors come from all over to experience Wyoming’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife habitats. Mining operations such as coal extraction have been present since 1888 while energy production has become increasingly important since oil was discovered in 1982. Ranching remains an important activity for many locals who rely on cattle or sheep herding for income or sustenance farming for personal consumption.

All in all, Lincoln County offers a unique combination of geography, climate and economic activities that make it an interesting place to visit or live in Wyoming. With its wide open spaces, spectacular views from atop Pilot Butte and diverse range of economic activities – there’s something here for everyone.

Economy of Lincoln County, Wyoming

Lincoln County, Wyoming is home to a diverse and vibrant economy. Agriculture has been an important part of the county’s economic landscape since its inception and remains a major employer today. The main crops grown in the area are hay, barley, wheat, corn, alfalfa and vegetable seeds. Cattle ranching is also a major industry in Lincoln County with many locals relying on it as their primary source of income. Sheep herding is also common here with many ranchers raising sheep for food or wool production.

Tourism has long been an important part of the economy in Lincoln County as visitors come from all over to experience the stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife of Wyoming’s Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Activities such as fishing, hunting, camping and hiking are popular among tourists while local businesses benefit from increased revenue due to lodging and dining options.

Mining has been present in Lincoln County since 1888 when coal was first discovered here. Coal extraction continues to be an important industry today with several large-scale operations located throughout the county providing jobs for local residents. Oil was also discovered in 1982 leading to an increase in energy production which has become increasingly important for the local economy over the years.

Manufacturing is another key component of Lincoln County’s economy with several large-scale operations producing a variety of goods ranging from food products to machinery parts and components for use in other industries such as construction or automotive repair shops. Smaller-scale businesses are also becoming increasingly popular here as entrepreneurs take advantage of the area’s favorable climate and low cost of living to start their own businesses or open franchises within existing companies like restaurants or retail stores.

All in all, Lincoln County offers a unique combination of geography, climate and economic activities that make it an ideal place to live or visit. With its wide open spaces, spectacular views from atop Pilot Butte and diverse range of economic activities – there’s something here for everyone.

Libraries in Lincoln County, Wyoming

According to babyinger, Lincoln County, Wyoming is home to a number of public libraries, each of which offer an array of services and resources to the local community. From providing access to books and periodicals to hosting educational and cultural events, these libraries are essential for ensuring that the citizens of Lincoln County have access to knowledge and information.

The largest library in the county is the Lincoln County Public Library System (LCPLS) in Kemmerer. This library serves as a hub for all public library services in Lincoln County, offering a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials such as DVDs and CDs, and even access to online databases. The LCPLS also provides free computer access with internet connection for patrons who do not have their own internet connection at home. In addition, it offers programs such as story time for children and book clubs for adults.

The Cokeville Public Library is another popular option for those living in Lincoln County. This small library offers a variety of books focusing on topics such as history, science fiction, mystery novels, biographies and more. It also provides audio-visual materials such as DVDs and CDs. Furthermore, its computer lab allows patrons to use the internet free of charge when visiting the library.

Other libraries located in Lincoln County include the Diamondville Public Library in Diamondville; the Afton Public Library in Afton; the Star Valley Branch Library located on Main Street in Star Valley; and several others scattered throughout various townships within the county’s boundaries. Each one offers its own unique selection of materials along with other services such as hosting educational programs or providing access to online databases or e-books.

In addition to these public libraries located within Lincoln County’s boundaries there are also a number of private libraries available by subscription or donation only which provide specialized collections focusing on specific topics or authors that may be difficult to find elsewhere. These include The American Heritage Library located near Kemmerer; The Ranches Collection which focuses on Wyoming ranching history; The Jackson Hole Historical Society Library which specializes in Wyoming historical records; The Center for Western Studies at Central Wyoming College which houses research material related to the American West; The Teton County Wyoming Genealogical Society Library located near Jackson Hole; among many others throughout both Wyoming and neighboring states.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to finding books or other resources related to any topic imaginable within Lincoln County’s borders. Whether you are looking for recreational reading material or scholarly research material – you can find it here.

Lincoln County, Wyoming

Landmarks in Lincoln County, Wyoming

Lincoln County, Wyoming is home to a variety of incredible landmarks that offer visitors a unique look into the history and culture of the area. From breathtaking mountains and valleys to scenic rivers and lakes, Lincoln County has something for everyone. See Ehangzhou for best time to visit Wyoming.

One of the most popular landmarks in Lincoln County is the Fossil Butte National Monument. Located near Kemmerer, this monument was established in 1972 and features a variety of fossils from both land and sea animals that lived during the Eocene Epoch. Visitors can explore the interactive exhibits at the Fossil Butte Visitor Center or take a guided tour of one of the many fossil quarries located throughout the monument.

Another popular landmark is Split Rock Creek State Park located near Afton. This park features an abundance of wildlife as well as over 10 miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, and more. Additionally, visitors can enjoy camping or picnicking in one of several developed campgrounds or primitive sites scattered throughout the park.

The Star Valley Historic Museum located in Afton is another great attraction in Lincoln County. This museum features artifacts from early settlers who came to Star Valley during its settlement period as well as displays about local history such as Native American tribes, early homesteaders, and Mormon pioneers. The museum also offers educational programs such as lectures on local history or craft classes for children and adults alike.

Those looking for some outdoor adventure should check out Palisades Reservoir located near Alpine. This large lake offers plenty of activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking trails with stunning views overlooking Palisades Reservoir below. Visitors can also take part in various ranger-led programs such as nature walks or bird watching tours to learn more about this unique landscape.

No matter what you’re looking for – Lincoln County has something for everyone. From breathtaking landscapes to historical museums – there’s no shortage of things to do here. So come explore all that this amazing county has to offer.