Massimo Dutti: Continue with The Predictable Lookbooks, This Time It’s Up to The Month of November

Lately the Massimo Dutti lookbooks they are too Massimo Dutti. And that is not to say that they are worse or better, simply see that they have grown too accustomed to his creative line and I see little innovation in their collections. Many dark colors, sober designs, figures well built but little innovation with the outfits, the forms and much less with the textures: quilting, knitting and corduroy from time to time.

Even so, Massimo Dutti has always characterized as the most conservative of the daughters of Inditex together with Uturque, leaving to the moderneces today to Zara and Pull and Bear. But to the point that we’re going around the Bush: with you, the the month of November of Massimo Dutti Lookbook.

Pretty autumn outerwear still while the blue color is consistent in all the outfits. Quilted jackets and the trenchs three-quarters, with double liners to Harbor more either lined with synthetic fur inside.

If you prefer vintage and classic designs, the long trench coats in leather with buckle closure are ideal. A style halfway between the Safari and the aviator in a color very flattering and easy to match with the rest of garments.

Among time? We tested with the in light-toned suede vests that are combined with chunky knit sweaters in grey and neck Swan to close with the simple buttons. Shirts, ties and to a lesser extent shoes are responsible for complete the look and give it some color and difference.

Shelters are another thing that one can come to fall in love: velveteen coat that has been merged (and very rightly to take game to each and every one of the colors) with a point twisted Swan-neck Jersey (common in these times) and everlasting Chinese who both help in these situations.

The navy style It remains a constant independent of the season in which we find ourselves. This time is presented in form of americana in Navy Blue with three patch pockets, unlined, elbow patches contrasting grey marl, pic-pic to tone and metal buttons.

Either this American’s wool, silk and cashmere at Pearl and patch pockets. Elbows and fists vivados on skin. To combine it we opted for a more sport shirt and matching, twill box and set in shades of blue to give the final lace to the outfit.

As we have said, in addition to natural skins and point, corduroy It is one of the great revelations of this season. We find it either shaped jackets and parkas, in which case gives you a much more homey touch, or pants, if we merge it, can give a twist to the whole quite flattering.

Add-ins include some pretty English options emphasizing the knitted ties, the foulards that play with the prints of paisley or pictures of vichy or bags weekend can be found in different colors and materials: canvas, skin, tissue aperchado & #8230;

Come on, a collection like that they’ve been seeing so far: politically correct but we we miss some joy and variety in their designs.