Mysterious Ups-Launch of Lumigon T2-on the Way to Asia

Lumigon is prepared to send their first phone on the market in Asia and Europe before long, tells the Danish producer of our site.

T2, the Danish Lumigon-smartphone, has repeatedly been delayed, but now had to be on his way to the first consumer.

-“We are on our way to the market in Asia,” says communications Rikke Juul Hansen from Lumigon to our site.

The only thing she will add further is that “we expect to come to Europe in the near future”.

Neither the prices, launch countries or whether the product will be sold through operators or in free trade, will provide information on the manufacturer.

Launch works in several ways mysterious, since a manufacturer will often have a larger line-up of information or messages are prepared, when new products are to be placed on the market.

Lumigon confirms, however, that T2 goes on sale with the specifications, which are mentioned on the company’s website.