School and Education in Nauru


The compulsory, free education is eleven years starting at the age of 6, and virtually all adults are literate. In 2011, Nauru had six preschools, two primary schools and one continuing school and one vocational school. Scholarships are available for higher education in Australia and New Zealand; a total of about one hundred Naurus study abroad. In the late 1980s, a Nauru branch opened to the University of South Pacific at Fiji.

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Nauru Country Flag

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Knowledge and culture

It is compulsory school from 6 to 16 years of age. Further education must be taken abroad, primarily Australia.

There are 3 newspapers, 2 of which are published every 14 days and 1 is weekly. There is a state-owned non-commercial radio station and a state-owned television station, Nauru Television (NTV).

Music and dance are the most common art forms. The traditional Naurian music has been replaced by modern music. Traditional arts and crafts traditions have almost disappeared. Few of the old customs are preserved; An exception is traditional fishing methods.

Nauru lacks internationally renowned musicians, artists and writers.