New Male Icon in The Making: Thomas McDonell

If over the years the Fortune smiles upon an actor and this becomes a respected professional and a benchmark of international style, the actor must never forget what was the first sprint in her successful career: the magazines teen and the linings of the folders most roses in the institutes of half the world.

Thomas McDonell can it allow you the same condemnation that predecessors like Johnny Depp, the show that it is something more than a pretty face by working with talent, but this New York young has already crept among the emerging personalities to which boys and girls want to keep track of them.

The pole of attraction of the actor is your sweeping hair (the boy has Indian genes), accompanied by two-day beard and a form of dress that always works in the conservative Hollywood: clingy denim pieces, sunglasses model wayfarer, slightly undone lumberjack shirts, t-shirts, relojazo in silver and Biker boots for the day; and dinner-jackets dotted the essential tacky of the Yankees for the night graduation parties. Trashy, uninhibited, and therefore, heartbreaker.

His debut came with Prom (Disney), with a character custom-made of which you can enjoy at the beginning of September, and if the news is confirmed, it will be in the upcoming movie of Tim Burton surrounded by zombies and werewolves. It will surprise us on the red carpet or we are left only with your beautiful hair?

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