New Patent Can Ensure That the Phone Is Not Dazzles You in Darkness

New patent from Microsoft makes that your phone can detect that you are in a dark room, and customize the display view so that you are not blinded.

Microsoft has recently filed a patent that describes a so-called “no conspicuous mode”.

Your phone must be able to detect that it is in a dark room, for example, a movie theater or bedroom. Then-in addition to turning down the brightness-remove a number of thing that lights up the screen and mainly use degrees of dark colors on the display of the user interface.

Most have probably tried to turn their phone in a totally dark room and almost be blinded by the sharp light, or sit in the cinema and just had to check out a message and your phone lights up half the movie theater up.

Although a patent in no way means that the idea is hitting the end user, so it seems like a fairly simple solution to a problem most people have experienced. It would be a shame if Microsoft has not worked further with the idea.