Nitra, Slovakia

According to necessaryhome, Nitra is an ancient Slovak city, which was and remains an important spiritual and cultural center of the country. Here, by order of Prince Pribina, the first Christian church in Slovakia was built, and in the city center the ruins of a giant medieval castle and a cathedral complex with the first Benedictine monastery, theater performances and a wide variety of exhibitions have been preserved. Separately, it is worth noting the local wine: it is not very famous in the world, but having tried it once, it is already impossible to forget it. But the infrastructure in the city leaves much to be desired.

How to get to Nitra

By car from Bratislava on the E571 highway (travel time about 1 hour).

By bus from Bratislava main station (about 1.5 hours). Getting there by train is quite inconvenient, since the route consists of a large number of transfers (about 3 hours).

The bus and railway stations of Nitra are a 10-minute walk from the street. Stanichna. To get to the center of Nitra, you need to go north to the street. Stefanikov, and then go to the square. Svyatopulkovo.

Entertainment and attractions in Nitra

The city is divided into two parts – Upper and Lower Grad.

The center of the Upper Castle is the Nitra Castle. It is the center of the spiritual life of the country. At the top of this part of the city is the Nitra Gallery, which presents the work of contemporary artists of Slovakia. The former residence of the head of the regional administration, the Zhupan Palace, is also located here. Nearby, in the old quarter through the arch, there is a historical reserve. The complex of the reserve includes: the Franciscan Church, the buildings of the Large and Small Seminaries. And in the center of the square is a monument to Pribina, the first prince of Nitra.

Interesting in its architecture and the Cathedral of the XIV century. It combines several buildings: the Upper and Lower Church, as well as the Church of St. Emeram and is considered one of the most beautiful in Slovakia.

A distinctive feature of the Lower Castle is the presence of churches of various denominations: a Moorish-style synagogue, the Kamaldoli monastery, the church of St. Stephen. The historical center of Nizhny Grad is Svyatopulkovo Square. Here is located the Palace of Justice – a monument of secular architecture of the city, as well as the Nitra Museum.

One of the largest scientific complexes in Slovakia is located in Nitra and includes an agricultural university, the University of Constantine the Philosopher, schools, libraries.

There are several interesting places not far from Nitra. One of them is Mount Zobor, which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. On a hill is the ancient church of St. Michael. To the south of Nitra is the city of Komarno. It is interesting for its unusual building in the city center. Another place is the palace in the settlement of Topolchanki, which is one of the most beautiful palaces in Slovakia.

At the intersection of st. Stefanikov and st. In Sturovo you can shop at the Tesco supermarket.


Nitra is an important agricultural region in Slovakia and is quite a popular center for business travelers. It is here that the central agricultural exhibition “Agrocomplex” is held annually.

Also every year the festival “Summer in Nitra” is held. The program of the event includes many concerts, exhibitions, various shows.

Nitra, Slovakia