Number26: Smart Checking Account Started

Number26: account movements in real time

Number26 is more than just another online banking app: the program is linked to a special mastercard and shows not only all spending in real time on a Smartphone, but also classifies it in a kind of budget book. So customers keep their finances under control. You have borrowed money from a friend or must compensate for even the last pizzeria Bill? No problem: Transfers you do with Number26 also simply about the Smartphone, even via E-Mail or SMS.

So it works

Who would like to use Number26, needed to do this, a mastercard of Wirecard Munich-based Bank AG. You get this when you free online sign up as Number26 customer. Then transfer money from your checking account on the mastercard, which by the way can be used as a credit card, but only as a debit card, and do your shopping through the Number26 Smartphone app that gives it both Android and ios henceforth.

Card blocking by Smartphone

Safety thought the makers, a Berlin start-up, also: the map can be located with just one click at any time in the app lock or unlock again. For each transaction the app displays a message on your Smartphone can for unwanted usage immediately intervene.

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How much is the fun?

The account and the associated mastercard are free of charge. In addition, customers can withdraw money worldwide free of charge, additional fees for the use of the account are not included. Number26 is immediately available in Germany and Austria. Due to the many reservations, an invitation is required for account opening. Interested parties who request an invite now, with about four to six weeks must wait time count.

Our site Number26 already diligently tried. How well the smart current account in day-to-day works, read in the near future at this point.

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