O2: Fast LTE to All Contract Customers

At the Telekom surf almost all subscribers already long of course in the LTE network, at Vodafone, at least the customers of the last years red rate for LTE were unlocked. Now O2 follows the party with the largest LTE network according to the provider even all contract customers can benefit of the LTE network. Data volume up to the throttle not at the maximum pay rate for the time being also nothing changes. Since LTE react faster but also without increasing the maximum speed, the perceived speed should increase breezier. And there, where O2 has already built out LTE on the country, the speed jump from 2 G (edge) on 4 G (LTE) is even more evident. For UMTS is there often so far not to receive.

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Condition: A LTE capable phone and a SIM card that is not older than 10 years if necessary you should replace them through the customer service (cost: around 25 euros unique). More information get customers via SMS. LTE activation, otherwise as the temporary end of March in the E-plus network, but so far does not apply to customers of discount-fare providers in the O2 network (Fonic, Lidl, and more).


The step from O2 is overdue: only about every fifth customer of O2 with LTE enabled smartphone in the O2 network on the LTE network could access when the last network test reports, the data rates, O2 on the last place in the network comparison had fallen back. Exemplary: The LTE unlock seems without actually apply restrictions in the fine print for all subscribers. Now O2 needs to build only the LTE coverage. Here, Telecom and Vodafone are currently significantly further. Exactly what promises now O2: every month the O2 LTE network reaches about 100 new cities and towns.