Onavo, Controls and Limits The Consumption of Data Easily

One of the things necessary to have a terminal with Android is to have a data plan because we want to or not, data traffic is constant. However, we must be careful, because in the majority of cases it slows us data once past this limit, and sometimes it makes us check by blocks or bytes in increasing the price of the fare. For those who want to watch our consumption of data we have Onavo, a manager that helps us to control this consumption.

Onavo appears as a manager of data traffic, monitoring every byte that is transferred via the mobile Internet. You can do seem to be some useful, using it is discovered that its usefulness is higher than expected. If we get closer to the settings section you can specify how much traffic we want to grant a month, giving us a notice whenever we reach a threshold of expenditure (in my case I put 80%) and also can do that blocking all traffic data if we spent some percentage.

In first step, this will help us to control spending that is charged by our monthly traffic, but there are also of roaming control plan in the event that let’s us mobile travel. In this case, you can specify the limit, daily, weekly or even monthly, either in amount of traffic or we can give you a cost to each MB for limited by cost.

This adds a system that notifies the apps that they spend too much data and some graphics detailing us how much to eat and the hourly stretches in which our consumption is higher. If you think this is all, greater control is made to be able to choose which applications like that only transmit data via WiFi, all this with a database obtained by using the users which contains information of the applications that consume more in order to have a more effective warnings. And as you go using the application be suggested us data plans according to the company that we are to reduce our rate

With all this, Onavo is shown as a very complete and simple application with control of monthly expenditure intended for those who monitor their consumption and with an ideal roaming control for those who plan a getaway for those who travel often, recommending this application virtually everyone who wants to vogilar his pocket.

Onavo Lite Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Onavo
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Tools