Overview: This Year’s Mobile 2012, Leaked Photos of the Galaxy S IV and Sony Xperia Z

The past week has featured the crowning of this year’s Mobile 2012, as well as a lot of interesting news from CES.

Our site had a vote propelled from just before Christmas and until 31 March 2006. December 2012, where users could vote on which phone, which should was crowned for “this year’s Mobile 2012”. There was no doubt about the winner, which was Samsung Galaxy S III.

The interest in Samsung is also immense, therefore there has also been a great deal of interest for pictures that claimed to be the successor to the Galaxy S III. The supposed sounds the name Galaxy S IV.

The interest for the top model from Nokia has also been immense, even as big as the came in second place in the “best Mobile 2012”. Now it is reported that the sequel will be both lighter and thinner, as well as in aluminium. It goes immediately also better by the ailing Finnish mobile manufacturer, which has just surprised at the stock market.

Last week, it also emerged that Endomondo will be integrated into a new smart sports watch, called Leikr, however, not just immediately but will be integrated into the very popular watch Pebble.

The week has also featured at CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, where both Huawei, ZTE and Sony introduced new smartphones, and much more, which you can read more about from the last week’s news on our site.