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Marisa Clothing 2018

Models of Clothing Marisa Collection 2018 Gifts in several Brazilian cities Marisa Stores are the customers’ favorite, especially the female audience, this store has products that bring and encompass all fashion trends, and always with that price that we can not find…
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Festival Clothing

Saturday was day of rock, babies. OK, let’s face it. The Planet Earth has seen better days. Line ups have been much more stout, the former site was much more charming and cozy (nothing like riding on a roller coaster while scrolls…
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Fishing in the Pantanal

If you love fishing, the Wetland should be your next destination. The region receives thousands of tourists interested in this practice every year and offers more than 250 species of fish for fishing. The Pantanal is a paradise for those who want to take a vacation,…
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