Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, Updating Equipment

One of the interesting news from CES with respect to mobile telephony is the presentation of new Palm models, but rather than anything you believe you high expectations, since it’s been updated in hardware of the Palm Pre and Pixi.

The name you are giving to the new teams are Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, which formed part of a rumor that was weeks ago and looks set to end materializing.

The main differences, or at least to know, are in the expansion of the storage memory up to 16GB in the case of the Pre, and the incorporation of WiFi connectivity in the Palm Pixi, which will have 8GB of memory.

This information is filtered in a document of the operator Verizon, that it will be with these terminals services, adapting them to the new needs. We hope to find new features in webOS, such as video recording, or any surprise in hardware.

Update, apparently all these details were true, I have prepared an article with all the news about the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on Engadget.

I leave you with the document in question: