Play Books, with Dictionary Offline Thanks to Its New Update

Thanks to the screens of our Android devices continue with its upward trend, the habit of reading books from them continues to add followers so proliferate applications designed and designed for this purpose. Google offers us its Play Books for this purpose which is a perfect complement to the books that we find in the Play Store among many others.

A few months ago he underwent a transformation towards Material Design as we analyze in this interesting article, appearance that is appreciated today while using it. In its new update find new and interesting developments such as the possibility of Download a built-in dictionary that reference without the need to access the network.

Its operation is simple, oriented to know the meaning of that Word just read but don’t have its meaning unclear. To do this We only have to select the display in question and slide your finger up and we will get your meaning. At the moment this utility is available only in English, but should soon go arrived multi-lingual more.

English Dictionary for those concerned about the internal storage of your Android device weighs 58 MB. In this update we have also noticed a slight change in the design of the application, appearing a crate of navigation similar to that found in other Google applications as for example in the Gmail e-mail application.