School and Education in Qatar

Education at all levels is free but not compulsory. The primary school is 6 years old from the children is 6 years old. Secondary school is two-fold (3 + 3 years). According to UNESCO’s calculations, approx. 18% of the adult population illiterate (2003). The University of Qatar was established in 1977.

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Doha, al-Dawha, capital of the Emirate of Qatar on the Persian Gulf; 1.3 million residents (2013). The city was long a small port town for pearl fishing in the Gulf, but with oil discoveries in the 1940’s developed into a modern and very wealthy city. Doha has both a deep-water port and an international airport, and more than 80% of the emirate’s residents live in the city.

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The city is located in an extremely dry area and the freshwater supply is based on desalination of seawater. The satellite city of Umm Said 40 km south of Doha is the country’s industrial center with especially energy-intensive companies such as ammonia production, iron and steel mills and petrochemical industry.

The Arab television station Al-Jazeera has been headquartered in Doha since 1996, and the US military headquarters during the Iraq war were also located in the city. Doha hosted the World Trade Organization WTO Ministerial Conference in 2001.

Qatar Country Flag

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