Reasons for Spending a Semester Abroad in Australia

Five reasons to spend a semester abroad in Australia

The decision about where to spend a semester abroad does not only depend on the attraction of the host country. There are many other reasons for studying abroad in Australia:

1. Quality of universities

According to ebizdir, Australian universities offer first-class study conditions. Teaching and research are of the highest quality worldwide. This is regularly reflected in international rankings. Since almost all universities in Australia offer a special semester abroad program, you can choose your university accordingly.

2. International orientation

International students are not uncommon in Australia. More than 200,000 foreign students are currently enrolled in Australian universities, most of them spending a semester abroad. In the past few decades, the higher education system has specifically opened up to international students. An example of this are various quality assurance measures such as the ESOS Act and the National Code. These are specifically designed to protect the interests of international students in Australia.

3. Study Abroad programs for international students

Not all students want to do a full study abroad in Australia, but rather one or two semesters abroad in Australia. The Australian universities offer their own Study Abroad programs for international students – a real alternative to a full degree in Australia.

4. No commitment to courses or semesters

As part of the Study Abroad programs, students are not enrolled in a specific semester or a specific course of study during their semester abroad. Instead, it is largely up to them which courses they choose from the extensive range of courses at the host university. This makes it easier to coordinate the choice of course with the home university in advance. This increases the likelihood that the courses completed in Australia can be credited towards the study at home.

5. Free choice of course as an opportunity to broaden your horizons

The free choice of courses at Australian universities gives international students the chance to choose courses that are not available in Germany. This gives them the opportunity to get a taste of other specialist areas. A course in Aboriginal Studies can be enlightening for English studies or ethology students. Students from the natural or environmental sciences can take an introductory course in marine biology and gain new perspectives on their subject.

Australian Technology Network

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) is an Australian university network. The Australian Technology Network includes five Australian universities, all of which were once technical colleges and are now technical universities. They are based in the capitals of the five so-called Mainland States of Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia).

The following universities have joined forces in the Australian Technology Network:

  • Curtin University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • RMIT University
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Technology Sydney

Around 20 percent of students in Australia study at one of the universities in the Australian Technology Network. Of the numerous international students at the universities in Australia, 22 percent choose to study at an ATN university.

Australian Technology Network focus

At the universities of the Australian Technology Network, practice is very important in both research and teaching. One of the goals of the ATN is to equip students with all the skills they need for their careers. In research, the focus is particularly on the development of practically implementable solutions. The Australian Technology Network has close ties to industrial companies. Since 2010, the ATN has received 70 percent of its research funding from industry.

The Australian Technology Network in rankings

According to international university rankings, all members of the Australian Technology Network are among the world’s best universities that are less than 50 years old. They are represented in the QS TOP 50 under 50 ranking as well as in the 100 Under 50 rankings, which belong to the THE rankings.

Advantages for students

One of the advantages of studying at one of the Australian Technology Network universities is certainly the hands-on approach to research and teaching. The partnerships between the Australian Technology Network and companies are also something that students can benefit from. They enable first-class study conditions.

Anyone wishing to do a doctorate in Australia can benefit from a special program for doctoral students through the Australian Technology Network: The Industry Doctoral Training Center is the only one of its kind in Australia. Students in this program not only write their dissertation, but are also specifically taught the skills necessary to work in industrial companies.

Reasons for Spending a Semester Abroad in Australia