Reiner Knizia Completo Labyrinth, Open Your Own Path and Escape

Are the puzzles? Games with simple mechanical but that make you think a bit? Such is the signing of Reiner Knizia, one of the creators of most prolific and valued Board Games. ‘ Reiner Knizia ’ Labyrinth s & #8217; It is the adaptation for Tablet Android one of his creations, and even though it’s one minor game, gives to take awhile.

The objective is simple, connect the input and output of a labyrinth. To do this, you must go by placing parts of the maze, that will appear randomly, on a four by four grid. While we tried to escape, we will find objects that are enabled if they are connected to the driveway.

The chests and gems will give us points. The monsters can kill us if we have not compiled enough swords to kill them. And the fact that parts arrive without a specific order can play us a trick: If you are not careful, We can block us departure arrival.

There are three phases, three different mazes, each one with a small variant that affects the strategy. To play in the next maze should get complete nine consecutive mazes.

Operation is simple, just drag the puzzle piece to the Board, rotate it and OK when we are compliant. If the new part is connected to the output, chests, swords and monsters are activated. You can’t zoom on the Board (or lack making).

The application itself is not too robust, and has trouble recovering from a change of context, for example if we jump to another application and back. There is no greater problem, because there is an option to resume the game where we left it. And although the Market says that it works from Android 2.1, it only works as a Tablet.

The penalty is that the game is not overly complex, and the second level is quite more complicated than the third, it is anticlimático. We will, who gets to take a while, but will be too long installed … Knizia has created best games.

UPDATE: As you indicáis in the comments, it is not that the game is incompatible with phones, but only with my own. Still others with my same model have been able to install it.

Reiner Knizia ’ s Labyrinth Version 1.5. 1a

  • Version of Android: from 2.1 (tablets)
  • Developer: