School and Education in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


The education system is based on the British with seven-year primary school and three- or five-year secondary school. Investments in the education system have been made during the 1990s and the 00s, and today 95% of the children in primary school begin. Most of these continue in secondary school. In principle, the entire population is literate, but the level of education is still low. The investments in adult education have been extensive.

Land area 389 km²
Total population 101,390
Residents per km² 260.6
Capital Kingstown
Official language English
Income per capita $ 11,500
Currency East Caribbean dollar
ISO 3166 code VC
Internet TLD .vc
License plate WV
Telephone code + 1-784
Time zone UTC -4
Geographic coordinates 13 15 N, 61 12 W.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Country Flag