Samsung Galaxy S4: Blasphemed Off Design Professor

The exterior of the S4 “Non-Sexy Design” and “unambitioniert” – Stephan Schupbach of FH Frankfurt am main exhibits no good evidence at W & V interview. However, he can also understand Samsung.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 last Thursday ripples again high, where most of the fans and critics despite the high-end technology and plentiful software reacted rather disappointed. Reason also, and in particular with regard to the exterior of the new flagship mentioned as often small changes compared to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S3.


The W & V marketing magazine has today published on its Web site an interview with Stephan Schupbach. Schupbach is Diplom-designer and teaches at the University of Frankfurt / Main in computer science and in engineering sciences. W & V wanted to know what strategy does Samsung with its top smartphone product design.

The design Professor can be first of leather: “unambitioniert Formalästhetisch = non-design”, as he describes the S4, later, he explains that the company is a strategy with “Non-Sexy Design”. In contrast toApple put fully on the aesthetic map, Californians are “highly ambitious in design, almost pathetic in [their] reduction”.

No plastic criticism

But beating up on Samsung won’t Schupbach, rather the contrary. So he first explains that a continuity in the product design is important, what you can, for example, at the VW Golf or can see at BIC lighters. He also is plastic or aluminum on the side of the South Koreans in the question of the duration. Plastic is a lightweight material, and weight plays a large role in smartphones. He thinks the criticism so unwarranted, he himself was also a Smartphone made of plastic.

Finally but in the future ever less time and money can plug company in the design of the devices, as it becomes more complex use the increasing performance characteristics, and here it is for the manufacturer to place the focus on the “inner values”. “Primer formal aesthetic oriented companies sweeps from the market” Schupbach said.

Apple & co. show how

Schupbach’s right, would ensure a little pity in my eyes. Because if I buy a Smartphone, I also want that it looks good and has no removable 0815 design. About the unspirierten look of the now 4.99 inches large Galaxy S4 also the ribbed back and the 7.9 mm depth can not make up for that.

Apple makes that with its iPhones since the first version, as it combines design and successful operation.Other manufacturers like HTC and Sony, have proved this last, that this interaction works with their technically superior and outwardly very respectable champions One of HTC and Sony Xperia Z.

From these companies Samsung could cut quite times a disk is in creative ways. Or how do you see that?