Samsung Galaxy S4-It Comes With Flexible Display?

Samsung has shown a new prototype of flexible, “YOUM” called OLED screen at CES. In addition, they presented an OCTA-core processor. We see both of these technologies in the Galaxy S4?

Samsung is currently much talk about. There is on the one hand the record profit of 6.3 billion euros, on the other hand the questionable upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S2 plus, which has caused some head-shaking in the press due to his very manageable innovations.

Also at CES in Las Vegas was the manufacturer and caused a stir with his keynote address. Although the South Koreans had a Smartphone in the luggage, but a further development of his flexible OLED displays, which now bears the name “YOUM”. This display is made instead of glass made of extremely thin plastic and is thus unbreakable. A Smartphone prototype was shown in the presentation, the curves of screen to one side of the device. On the page, so contents such as SMS, E-mail, stock prices and news ticker can be displayed without removing the Smartphone from the protective bag, as Samsung in the keynote was. The prototype had still not the essential Smartphone features such as OS, apps or telephony to prov

There are more possibilities to see in a video clip. So lets be the curved Smartphone display as a kind of book unfold, making it to the tablet. A different tablet is rolled up into a cylinder and shoots up a button for this out.

To do this, the manufacturer presented a new eight-core processor named Exynos 5 octa. He combines two quad-core processors basically, and uses therefore the big. Called LITTLE ARM technology, which combines strong with weak CPUs, alternate depending on the task, or working together. As Engadget writes, A15-chip with 1.8 GHz per core, as well as an A7-chip 1.2 GHz per core cortex are this a cortex.According to Samsung, this combination ensures a twice as fast 3D performance than the fastest processor that is currently on the market. In addition, this will allow high energy efficiency, which the models by up to 70% spormsparender do.

Now, the big question is whether the technologies are already so mature that we see in the Samsung Galaxy S4. My guess is that the first flexible Smartphone display at the earliest end of 2013 is ready for the market, and thus a maximum when the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 could find its usage. The OCTA-core processor is, however, even more likely, especially as Samsung needs good (technical) reasons, to withdraw his S4 from its excellent predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S3.

What do you think of the flexible displays? Can be found, this can represent a revolution in the Tablet market and Smarpthone? Or do you see drawbacks?