Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Along With Tariff Or Separately?

With the Galaxy, Samsung touch 4 already brings the fourth generation of Phablet on the market. Especially the super sharp, high-contrast, and also very bright display scores in the test. To get a high pace of work, a good camera and the usability as a digital Notepad. Just close it must be the iphone 6 plus beat given, currently (stand: 23 January 2015) in 2nd place of the Smartphone leaderboard.

Galaxy note 4 with or without plan?

The Phablet of Samsung is by far not as expensive as the iphone 6 plus. But at a cost of around 600 euro you must think twice about are still buying. If then still a new mobile phone tariff comes to that, a lot comes together over the usual contract term by two years.

Which rate should be?

You first decide what rate to use. Should it be a flat rate only for the phone or SMS? How much inclusive volume needed a month to get into the mobile Internet? And last but not least, the question arises: how cheap get you up-to-date without a contract in the (online) trading the Galaxy grade 4?

The best deal

In the text range COMPUTER have combined various scenarios image and the consumer portal Verivox, which is rather the separate purchase of the touch 4 or but the acquisition together with collective worth. At the end stands and falls with the price of the Smartphone the consideration: the cheaper you buy it without a contract, it is the cheaper for you to complete the tariff separately. You need to distinguish so always depending on the case.

Samsung Galaxy touch 4 with collective: when is worth the complete package?

Scenario 1: You have already a tarifsie already have a fare that runs a few months? Then it’s for you simple, note 4 as cheap to buy the Galaxy. Use the price search engine, to find the best deal. Currently get the Samsung Smartphone already significantly under the non-binding price recommendation of 769 euro.
Samsung Galaxy touch 4 at the best price to buy
scenario 2: allnet flat + SMS-flat + 500 MB Internet + Galaxy note 4The best deal for Galaxy note 4 and fare from L deinhandy currently has a hand with the tariff Vodafone smart. Over a period of two years, you pay 932,88 euros for both, of which 719,76 euro to the tariff.

Access flat with SMS instead separately, lowest fare, all net flat of simyo, pay 368,88 euro for calls, SMS and Internet. The note of 4 should cost so a maximum of 564 euros, so that the overall package is not more expensive than the above offer. It is not possible at present.

Therefore our Tip: Galaxy note 4 rate buy

to the complete range
scenario 3: allnet flat + 1 gigabyte Internet + Galaxy note 4When there should be a tariff without SMS flat rate, but something more inclusive volume for surfing, offers also meinhandy currently the best total package: Smartphone including tariff Otelo allnet flat XL cost 962,88 euros over the contract period of two years , the fare controls which 719,76 euro to.

Alternative offers the tariff LTE S of premiumsim contact, which is only 323,76 euros over two years. For the grade 4 remains still a budget of a maximum of 639,12 euros. Current offers for the Samsung Smartphone are significantly below.

Therefore our Tip: Galaxy note 4 and collective purchase separately

tariff offer Samsung Galaxy touch 4 at the best price to buy
scenario 4: inclusive minutes + 500 MB Internet + Galaxy would only occasionally touch 4you calls and the Galaxy rather use touch 4 to surf? Then pick up a fare without allnet-flat, but with 500 megabyte inclusive volume for excursions in the mobile Internet. In this case you must purchase but separately Smartphone and tariff. Because currently there is the Galaxy note 4 only then together with a plan, when you complete an allnet-flat for phone calls.

Our site recommends about the tariff smart 200 500 MB of globe with the option Internet Flatrate. In addition to 500 megabytes volume get 50 minutes and 50 SMS. The contract period is only a month.

Therefore our Tip: Galaxy Note 4 and Collective purchase separately
Tariff Offer Samsung Galaxy Touch 4 at the best Price to buy