School and Education in San Marino

It is an 8-year compulsory school. The primary school is 5 years old and starts when the children are 6 years old. The high school is 3 + 5 years. There is one university.

  • A2zdirectory: Describes prehistory and early history of San Marino. Includes history from colony to an independent nation.
Land area 61 km²
Total population 34,232
Residents per km² 561.2
Capital San Marino
Official language Italian
Income per capita $ 59,000
Currency Euro
ISO 3166 code SM
Internet TLD .sm
License plate RSM
Telephone code +378
Time zone UTC +1
Geographic coordinates 43 46 N, 12 25 O

Children and School

How is the school in San Marino?

The children in San Marino start school at the age of six. They attend primary school (Scuola Elementare) for five years. Then they switch to middle school (Scuola Media), which lasts three more years. Now the upper secondary school (Scuola Secundaria Superiore) follows, initially for two years. Those who continue to go to school can do their Abitur after another three years and then study.

San Marino Country Flag

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