Santini OCTA Windstopper Fuga Jacket Review

After holding Santini Vega Acquazero, place OCTA model.

A jacket recommended for extreme cold since given to be comfortable between -8 and + 5 ° C.

Made of Windstopper Fuga fabric, the latter has good wind protection but also good resistance to water, without equaling the Acquazero treatment.

Even if the very mild winter did not allow me to face temperatures up to-8° C, I could still test it down to-2° C.


This jacket presents a rather consensual and discrete design. Completely black, with white edges (model tested) or red.

The fabric Windstopper Fuga has many qualities: elastic, warm, soft, windproof, breathable, water resistant and thermoregulator.

On the side panels, inside the collar and cuffs, there is a Thermoplate coating that keeps the heat.

The 3 back pockets offer beautiful volumes and wide entrances and are surmounted by a reflective border, which is also found at the neck.

The SMS Santini logo on the back central pocket is also reflective.

At the waist, there are silicone points that will prevent the jacket from climbing up when pedaling.

The collar rises high enough and the Zip ends with a flap at the throat that avoids any air ingress and also avoids any irritation.

Side size, for my 1.78m and my 73kg, the size M is perfectly suitable.

The table of this size on the product seems just.

This jacket is proposed to the public price of 179.90 € in breathtakingdresses.

On the road

To carry out my tests, I simply left with a technical t-shirt with long sleeves and this jacket Santini OCTA.

The promise of a-8° C seems to be close to reality, since even at-2°, I did not get cold. Of course, everything will depend on the relative humidity and the chilliness of each one. But for negative temperatures, an excellent underlay technique will be de rigueur.

The jacket is pleasant to wear and rather well cut. Not too ample, its elastic fabric mold well the body. The sleeves are long enough, a good point, because having a good jacket but with sleeves too short, it is not nice.

Long sleeves therefore, which do not end elastic wrists that tighten well. On the neck side, idem, it rises high enough without being embarrassing.

The rear pockets are easily accessible and well located.

When the temperature rises, the breathability of the tissue plays its role. Even at 10 ° C, one does not suffocate, even if it will open a little the Zip. Above 10 ° C, no miracle, we begin to sweat.

The Windstopper Fuga is slightly waterproof. Not enough to face heavy rains, but a passing shower will not cross.

Balance sheet

Once again, an excellent jacket signed by the Italian Santini. A jacket made in Italy and the tariff rather content that will allow to ride with a simple technical undergarment down to-5 ° at least. Below, a third layer will be necessary … or better will stay in bed!