Semester Abroad in Australia

“No worries, mate!” – The Australian attitude towards life is one thing above all else: completely relaxed! No wonder, since most of Australia’s 23 million inhabitants live in close proximity to the sea. There the Indian Ocean in the west and the Pacific in the east offer white dream beaches and crystal clear water. In addition, the sun shines almost all year round. See directoryaah for map of Australia.

More and more German students get infected by this attitude towards life and decide to spend a semester abroad in Australia, the “red continent”.

Discover “Down Under” during the semester abroad

In addition to the prospect of a full beach feeling, a semester abroad offers the unique opportunity to experience the countless natural wonders of Australia up close, including

  • the colorful Great Barrier Reef
  • the tropical rainforests
  • the Blue Mountains overgrown with eucalyptus
  • Shark Bay on the west coast: home to dolphins and manatees, sea shields and sharks

In stark contrast to the fertile coastal regions is the dry interior. The outback, which covers almost three quarters of the continent, fascinates with its endless expanse. The red rock formations are characteristic, the most famous of which is Uluru or Ayers Rock.

About big city life and the “laid-back” lifestyle

In the metropolises of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on the south and east coast and Perth on the west coast, on the other hand, big city life pulsates. The cultural and culinary offer is enormous. Here, too, the Australians keep their “laid-back” lifestyle. You can relax on one of the numerous beaches with an after-work beer. The open nature of the Australians makes it easy for international students to make contacts during their semester abroad Down Under.

Semester Australia – application requirements

In keeping with the Australian attitude towards life, the application for a semester abroad in Australia is quite relaxed. Most Australian universities require German applicants

  • the (technical) high school diploma
  • a successfully completed first year of study at a German university by the beginning of the semester abroad.

Some Australian universities accept applicants who want to take an Academic Gap Year immediately after graduating from high school. The semester abroad serves you primarily for orientation. So it’s worth taking a closer look and checking all the options.

Good English skills for a semester in Australia

In addition, a good command of English is required to participate in a Study Abroad program. A language certificate is achieved via standardized English tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Many Australian universities also recognize the DAAD language certificate, which is issued at most German universities and technical colleges.

Some Australian universities also offer good to very good English grades in high school or high school as an alternative. However, the required number of points often differs depending on whether English was taken as a basic or advanced course.

Costs and financing options

It is well known that a semester abroad in Australia is associated with costs. The tuition fees are currently between AUD 7,000 and AUD 18,000 per semester, depending on the university. Some Australian universities have in recent years started giving international students a choice:

  • As usual, you will take four courses per semester.
  • You choose three courses per semester. As a result, the tuition fees are reduced by more than AUD 2,000 in some cases.

The cost of living is added to the tuition fees. These depend on the place of study and your own standard of living.

Financing the semester abroad in Australia

Despite the high tuition fees, a semester abroad in Australia is by no means unaffordable, as there are various financing options.

One of them is the Auslands-BAföG. As part of this state training grant, students can receive a grant of up to EUR 4,600 towards tuition fees. There are also contributions

  • to travel expenses
  • to health insurance
  • to the cost of living.

Students only have to repay half of these contributions after completing their studies.

Important: Even if you do not receive BAföG funding due to a high income of your parents, you are partially entitled to BAföG abroad. It is worth asking the BAföG office in Marburg responsible for Australia.

Also scholarships provide financial relief. Students with particularly good grades can apply to various foundations for a scholarship. Funding from the DAAD is also possible. And one or the other Australian university also awards scholarships to its international applicants.

Visa and entry requirements in Australia

What are the organizational issues to be clarified before starting a semester abroad in Australia? You are perfectly prepared with the following three things:

  • Student visa
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • International health insurance for studying in Australia

A student visa can be applied for in advance from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. An alternative to the student visa for one semester stays in Australia may be the Working Holiday Visa. However, there are some special features to consider, such as health insurance.

Semester Abroad in Australia