Shopping in Madrid, Spain

Gastronomic markets
Many of the old food markets of the city, which we can find in almost all areas of Madrid, have now turned into corners of a gastronomic paradise. These are vast and popular areas where the sale of fresh products is combined with the opportunity to get new active culinary experiences and new ideas of leisure. In gastronomic markets, we can find variety, quality and originality of dishes: here you can meet gourmet products and tastes of food from all over the world, quality traditional dishes and the latest trends in the world of gastronomy. Moreover, all this works almost all day and is located in one place. Discover these markets for yourself!

Market of San Ildefonso
Calle Fuencarral, 57
In its 20 culinary shops, on two verandas and three bars located on three floors, you can find the most complete selection of gastronomic delights. Starting from the ground floor, the Ildefonso San and Acta bars offer an extensive Asian menu with a touch of Madrid influence. On the second floor, you can choose from a wide variety of offerings and try snacks on skewers (pintxos) or tapas, taste Peruvian cuisine at the Jaleo Restaurant and Bar, and traditional Venezuelan arepas at La Arepera. For dessert, don’t forget to order pancakes (and savory ones if you like) at Cultura Cafe’ and accompany them with coffee of any variety brought from all corners of the globe.

Market Mercado de la Paz
Calle Ayala 28
In the Salamanca area we can find probably the most sophisticated market in the city. From the street, it is almost invisible, but inside we have a rich selection of shops with the highest quality gourmet profile. It is very easy to find the most exotic and high-quality products here, and local culinary shops offer cuisines from around the world, and in each of them you can try some kind of delicacy. If you’re looking for a quick meal, we recommend Magasand’s homemade sandwiches, Spanish cuisine is served here by the potato tortilla at Casa Dani Restaurant and Bar, and rice dishes can be tasted at Bar Cebreros. Japanese cuisine is present in Tatako, Italian cuisine in Matteo Cucina, and Latin American cuisine is represented by the Venezuelan bar-restaurant La Despensa by Antojos Araguaneyn and the Mexican Doce Chiles.

La Tasquita de Enfrente is another of the city’s must-see restaurants thanks to the skill of its chef Juanjo L√≥pez Bedmar and the use of seasonal ingredients. And in the Club Allard restaurant you will find the cosiest dining rooms in all of Madrid. Another opportunity to taste innovative cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients is the menu designed by Javier Aranda, which can be tasted in two of his restaurants: La Cabra and Gaytan.

San Miguel Market
Plaza de San Miguel, s/n
The San Miguel Market, near the Plaza Mayor, was Madrid’s first gastronomic market and is therefore almost a must-see. You can start your itinerary with a double abbey beer at the Beer House, with one of the many types of vermouth offered at La Noga del Vermut, or if you are looking for a good wine, you will not be disappointed by Pinkieton&Wine or The Sherry Corner, where you can order a tasting tray with six types of wine. The visit can be continued with various snacks: the Ostras Daniel Sorlut bar-restaurant is a great place to try something light, in Carrasco Guijuelo you should order a good jamon; for a bite to eat with a few canapes, Carro de Caviar is suitable, and for croquettes with a variety of flavors and fillings, Carro de Croquetas.

Anton Martin Market
Calle Santa Isabel, 5
Located in the heart of the city, this market is without a doubt the most diverse of all. It stands out not only for the large number of different events and events that are organized here, but also for the quantity and quality of gastronomic offers for its visitors. In total, it has more than 20 outlets with friendly service and quality products. Benito Aperitivos Bar & Restaurant serves Italian wines and authentic Sicilian cuisine, while Fiaschetteria La Saletta serves fine pizzas and porchettas.

At Buns & Bones, you’ll find delicious street food, home cooking at Caracola, ceviche pickles at El Mono de la Pila, and Taiwanese food at Casa Bora. Oysters, smoked meats and other fresh seafood can be tasted at the El Tarantin de Lucia bar; for the sweets, check out Majo’s Food, and for the cheap and prepared sushi right in front of you, check out Yokaloka.

Vallehermoso Calle Vallehermoso, 36
This market with a strong personality consists of two floors, where, in addition to the best quality products, you can taste dishes from all over the world. It’s a good idea to start with a glass of vermouth at Vermutu Atep, continue your journey with some oriental fusion food at Tripea or Kitchen 154, or a Japanese dish at Washoku, where they are made from products bought right there on the market.

If you prefer Italian cuisine, you can find it at Di Viopoi and for rediscovering Latin American dishes, we recommend the great Creole pies at the Graciana bar-restaurant or the Mexican one at Gtiey. For a quick bite, Craft i.9 sandwiches or La Virgen hot dogs can be an interesting choice, in both cases, the meal can be accompanied by locally produced beer. La Ensaladeria Bar & Restaurant offers great salads, and Prost Chamber Bar & Grill! – all sorts of denser dishes. Don’t worry if you have any food intolerance. At Kint Bistro you can taste great allergen-free dishes, and La Sguera is the right place to grab some dessert. Besides,

Shopping in Madrid, Spain