Sicily Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Sicily

Sicily is Italy’s largest island, and for that matter the largest island of the Mediterranean, and has been influenced by other cultures throughout history. So it is no wonder that there are crowds of attractions and sights in Sicily. Every major city, and almost every village, has its attractions.

In addition, the island is blessed with beautiful scenery and beautiful coastline with many sandy beaches. For example, it is not much more beautiful and fascinating than the Aeolian Islands (also called Liparic Islands) located outside Messina east of Sicily. Perhaps the most famous of these volcanic islands is Stromboli, where the volcano is still very active. Tours are arranged at the top with a guide, and small outbreaks occur about every half hour.

We refer to our own city guides for destinations on Sicily for several attractions. Here comes a selection of places we recommend you visit when visiting Sicily.

Palermo churches and chapels

Palermo is a somewhat worn-out city that, despite its rugged appearance, fails to hide a treasure trove of beauty. A day trip to Sicily’s largest and most important city is something you have to take your time for. Palermo is different from other cities in Italy. You may find just as wonderful churches, cathedrals, theaters, palaces and fountains elsewhere, but never in an atmosphere like here, perhaps with the exception of Naples.

The architecture is rich in baroque treasures, but you will find some medieval palaces too. Palermo is located in the northwest of Sicily.

Agrigento and the Temple Valley

Here you will find a large archaeological site surrounded by olive groves. Greek temples, including the Concorde Temple, attract a number of tourists. Agrigento is located on the south coast, approximately in the middle of Sicily.


This mountain is one of Europe’s largest natural attractions. Majestic Etna has snow every third of the year and it is always cold on top. Etna is of course Sicily’s highest mountain and extends about 3350 meters above sea level. Etna is located in the east of Sicily, not far from the famous tourist town of Taormina on the east coast.

Guided tours are arranged with eg. jeep, and just about everywhere in Sicily you will find tour operators who help you with your registration.


This city must have been loved by both Plato and Archimedes. It was an important city in ancient Greece and was probably one of the most beautiful in the world of its time. The archaeological park here has revealed some very important historical treasures. Siracusa is located southeast of Sicily.

Selinunte and Segesta

If you are on the western side of Sicily we suggest you visit Selinunte and / or Segesta. In Seliunte or Selinus as it was when the Greeks ruled, you find signs of the riches of the past. Although the city was only inhabited for about 200 years, with its 25,000 residents, it was a rich commercial center. In Selinunte, five temples have been uncovered around the Akripolis, of which the so-called Temple E (see picture) is in great condition.

In Segesta you will probably find the world’s best preserved Doric temple from ancient Greece, about 430 years BC. Here are also other ruins, and a great specimen of Greek theater. Selinunte and Segesta are located in Trapani Province, southwest of Palermo and southeast of Trappani.