Sights of Side, Turkey

According to NECESSARYHOME, Side is a cozy Turkish seaside resort on the Turkish Riviera. The city of Side is popular for its wonderful climate, miles of beaches and beautiful nature. But culture lovers also like to come to this part of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Side is also known as a historic city with valuable remains from classical antiquity. In addition to sun, sea and beach, there are also Greek Temples, a Roman theater and parts of an old city wall to visit in Side. This variety ensures that there is plenty to see and experience in the atmospheric seaside resort of Side. Other famous seaside resorts and tourist destinations near Side are: Alanya, Antalya and Belek.

Top 10 sights of Side

#1. Ancient theater
The Roman ancient amphitheater near the town of Side is a wonderful piece of history. It was already built in the second century, where it could accommodate about fifteen to twenty thousand spectators. At the time, the amphitheater was used to show battles, plays and other performances to the public. Roman baths can also be admired in the immediate vicinity of the amphitheatre. These are now set up as a museum.

#2. Temples of Apollo and Athena
On the coast of Side you can visit the temples of Apollo and Athena. Long ago, the temple was used to worship the Greek god Apollo and Athena. Nowadays only selfies are made and people enjoy the wide beautiful view. It is especially beautiful here during the sunset. Both temples were built in the second century.

#3. Side Museum
In the Side Museum you can admire various sculptures, hieroglyphs, weapons and architectural components from Hellenistic and Roman times. The majority come from the city of Side itself. They were found during excavations in the mid-twentieth century, led by Turkish archaeologist Arif Müfid Mansel. The Side Museum is housed in a former Agora bath house from the fifth and sixth centuries.

#4. Beach
As part of the Turkish Riviera, you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches in Side. The most popular beaches are dominated by the hotels. Their beds and umbrellas are often arranged in rows. There are also beaches where this is not the case. These are often a little less easy to reach, but well worth the effort. A good example of this is the kilometers long beach on the east side. The most visited beach is the one on the west side near the hotels. All kinds of water sports are offered here and a drink is never far away.

#5. Manavgat waterfall
A few kilometers from Side you can visit the waterfall of Manavgat. However, do not expect adventures during your trip to the Manavgat waterfall. The waterfall can be viewed from a terrace. There is little adventure involved. Nevertheless, the Manavgat is a beautiful wide waterfall, which you should definitely see. The area around Manavgat is also perfect for visiting some stalls, the mosque or some shops.

#6. Seleucia (Pamphylia)
The ancient Greek city of Seleucia can be visited just fifteen kilometers from Side. The ruins of Seleucia show remains of, for example, former temples, a Roman bathhouse, a gate and a mausoleum. The location on the hill above Manavgat and the woods around it give it a very beautiful view.

#7. Port of Side
The main street of the former fishing town of Side leads you to the port. The old harbor has been very important to the city for many years. In the past, the fish brought in a lot of money and nowadays the tourists. Daily excursions depart from the port of Side to various destinations. Next to the harbor are the ruins of the temples of Athena and Apollo.

#8. Vespasian
Monument The ruins of the Vespasian Monument are nowadays known as the gateway to the historic city of Side. The monument was erected in honor of Vespasian, emperor of the Roman Empire. The three rooms of the monument originally housed the sculptures of Emperor Vespasian, among others. The building was originally in a different location. Now today it stands close to the street with colonnades and the entrance gate.

#9. Aqueduct
Besides the many ruins of temples, bathhouses, city gates and monuments, there are also large parts of aqueducts in the seaside resort of Side. Centuries ago, these Roman aqueducts ensured that the flowing drinking water could reach the inhabitants of Side. The aqueducts brought the water from the Manavgat River to its destination via bridges and tunnels. It is therefore very unique that this aqueduct of Side, which was built in the second century, is still partly intact.

#10. Green Canyon
The large reservoir, Green Canyon, is located between the mountains and the town of Manavgat. Boat trips are offered from various destinations to this beautiful green artificial lake. During this tour you have an excellent view of the surroundings, the Green Canyon and one of the largest arch dams in Turkey, the Oymapinar dam. This Oymapinar dam was built in 1984 to generate electricity.

Side, Turkey