Snapchat Discover: Music And Video Service Launches In The Near Future

Update (27 January 2015): start soon?

For more than two months now expected Snapchat function discover that should deliver app users text, image, music and video content, starts soon. It reported at least recode and it refers to unspecified sources. As the date for the launch of the new service, the American website called the January 27. This content of well-known media companies and Internet sites like ESPN, Comedy Central, food network, CNN, national geographic, Vice and the Warner Music Group available available. Should the user

Advertising also included

To finance the new service Snapchat wants to sell supposedly advertising spaces. The company wants to share revenue with the supplier of the content. Snapchat focuses not only on contents of external companies: according to the New York Times that start-up also its own editorial team is built, which is expected to produce exclusive content. According to numerous media reports, Nick Bell takes the lead. He already joined Snapchat last year and before that worked at the publishing company, News Corporation.

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Original message (10 November 2014):

The Instant Messenger Snapchat should receive a feature titled discover for Android and ios that provides text, music, and videos the app users. This, the manufacturer is apparently currently in negotiations with several media outlets. According to, so far the sports channel ESPN and the music video portal Vevo were confirmed. Apparently, discussions are but with many other providers of Buzzfeed (media news) to Spotify (music streaming). The advantage for the user is obviously that they can get first himself all kinds of media in Snapchat and second redirect to chat partner. The advantage for the provider is in the nature of Snapchat: the article distributed by Snapchat, music, and videos should be available only for a short time. Who wants permanent access, so must be the Snapchat partners subscribe to.

Snapchat: the forgetful chat

Forgetfulness is the hallmark of Snapchat: messages that you send to your chat partner, have a very limited shelf life. After a few seconds the display, they disappear and are no longer available then without further ADO. These unwanted volatility has brought the service already nicknamed Sexting: allegedly use to send shamefaced photos, which disappear after only a few seconds of looking at nude photos of themselves to friends especially teenage Snapchat,.