Sonic Runners for Android Comes to Japan and Canada [APK]

If you’re a fan of Sega and your pet already don’t have because most expect to enjoy on your Android device’s Sonic Runners. The free-to-play game has come out today in Japan and Canada, filtering your APK so everyone can install what’s new from the Sonic Team for mobile devices.

If you expect to find a classic Sonic or Rayman party Run style game and you notice that in Sonic Runners you will not find. This new installment type runner is no goal, ending when we kill games.

At full speed, we will have to go collecting rings and killing badniks in order to overcome the objectives of each episode to go forward in history and go by unlocking new characters, helpers, and objects. Initially we will play with Sonic but after a few episodes will unlock Tail and Knuckles.

That Yes, Sonic Runners Strip enough nostalgia, in which we find characters, enemies, objects, scenes and sounds of previous installments, but come on, will not be a game that like all fans of the famous blue hedgehog.

The game will be available worldwide in the coming months, but if you don’t want to wait you can download the ZIP that contains the APK and the game data.

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