Sony PlayStation 4: Networking Pur

On the night of Thursday, Sony presented the PlayStation 4 in the United States. In addition to bombast graphics and a new controller with touch pad, the console is on online networking and cross-device reading.

Lasted just over two hours the presentation in front of more than 1000 journalists in New York, and to face the audience got the controller and all sorts of videos and images of games, network etc. – However, was that of the console itself it still nothing to see.

Eight cores and touchpad controller

This is first hardware technically as expected a lot snappier than its predecessor is an eight-core AMD processor with x 86 architecture as the graphics 8 GB RAM memory supported. The local disk to allow fast data transfers, the size is not yet known – I type times, an SSD plate will be used.

The controller is an evolution of the PS 3 dual shock controller and now owns a touchpad in the Center as well as a motion sensor can be used to determined the position of the player in the room. Finally can you via “share” button its screen content directly to the Internet or social networks stream, chat friends to drop off then their comments about the gameplay, which in turn end up on the display of the player.

Gaikai combines players and equipment

Networking is an important buzzword of the new Sony PlayStation 4. On a new player platform, saved games, screenshots, high scores, etc can be shared. Also it should be possible thanks to cloud-streaming technology, which comes from the purchased company Gaikai, title and to play online or to gamble without previously completely need to have downloaded it right after purchase. One day one should be the PlayStations 1 to 3 games available online. First, old HP will run 3 games but not on the successor.

But that is not all: networked to the not only the players, but also the end devices. A game started on the PlayStation 4 can further be ripped on the portable console Sony PlayStation Vita and vice versa – also thanks to Gaikai technology. The PS 4 is for the server, the Vita to the client.

Spectacular highend graphics with a question mark

Curious and they were what would be shown for games and which graphics they bring of course. The audience was not disappointed – a whole armada of various game titles has been presented. New Killzone shooter called “Shadowfall” are exclusively on the PS 4 by guerrilla games, the racing game drive Club (evolution Studios) and the action-adventure-second son (Suckerpunch) hike. Graphically making manufactured according to Our site especially the Shadowfall sci-fi environment and the awash of obsession with detail weighing from drive Club.

Along with other games such as the comic puzzle witness and a fantasy work with the working title “Deep down” from Capcom still “watch dogs” from the House of Ubisoft caused open mouths. The open-world game to a hacker, who manipulated the supercomputer, which controlled the Chicago of the future, a furore already at E3 last year. However Ubisoft stated the following in an interview with Our site
, that the demo only on a “PS 4-like” PC was been played – what clouds the impression something, and a little on the presentation of Nokia Lumia 920 camera reminds me when we recorded clip applied for the video Bildstabi with one from a DSLR camera. “Destiny”, a first-person shooter of from Bungie’s “Halo” people come with exclusive content on the PS 4, but also on the PS 3. As a surprise guest Blizzard announced yet its 2011 role-playing game Diablo 3, without present still content, neither Square Enix, who want to show 4 a new final fantasy for the PS for the E3 in June 2013.

Finally, the appearance of David Cage by Quantic Dream, “Heavy Rain” was really impressive and “beyond: two souls”-developer, and that without that cage was a game. He presented the animated face of an old man, which seemed very realistic – thanks to features calculated in real time.

Open questions

The presentation had to offer on the one hand a lot of entertaining videos with high-end graphics and interesting features such as the PS 4-PS Vita link, but also many questions remain open. Apart from the look of the PlayStation 4 Sony not announced as yet whether the console has an optical drive, and how much they will cost. The launch is planned for Christmas 2013.

What say you to the previously known features, the games and the graphic? Are you guys excited and can hardly expect the start? Or have you hoped for a little more you the presentation or the console?