Square Enix Announces More Tactical Role Thanks to Its New Heavenstrike Rivals

Square Enix is back and Announces Heavenstrike Rivals, a new IP to iOS and Android that we include within the genre of multiplayer tactical role. The development, in this case, is borne by the British study Mediatonic, responsible for titles like Amateur Surgeon.

A main point of note, before leaving you with the trailer for the game: Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) has been responsible for the design of characters and the soundtrack is the work of Ryo Yamazaki (Final Fantasy XIV). Ultimately what we have here is a Square make new mischief, neither more nor less.

Cakes by shifts in a world on the brink of extinction

At this point I think that no one can expect a really original story in a title of these characteristics, which surprises little Heavenstrike Rivals starting point: the celestial realm of Lunnain the attack of a few monsters known as The Fallen who only seek the total destruction and We must fight back.

Never mind. At the end one gets into a game as well by the fighting, which in this case are by turns, and the tactical possibility they offer. At our disposal we will have more than 200 units that I can meet and train, as well as regular events and competitions of weekend in sand.

Heavenstrike Rivals to reach our mobile This winter, Although Square has not yet given the final date.