Sri Lanka and The Maldives Archipelago

Combine your visit among Sri Lanka’s fragrant tea plantations with relaxation in the Maldives’ beautiful archipelago. See necessaryhome for geography of Maldives.

Enjoy Sri Lanka’s lush tea plantations, soft sandy beaches, rich wildlife and fascinating temples. Here you can, among other things, dive deep into your soul life by trying meditation and yoga, or treat yourself to an adventure with scuba diving and mountain biking. Maldives Dhoni Cruise offers beautiful islands, beach paradise and clear blue water. It is perfect for anyone who loves relaxation and water sports.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Departure from Scandinavia to Colombo, where you will arrive the following day. One or two stopovers will be added depending on which airline you travel with.

Day 2: Arrival Negombo, Sri Lanka

You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel in Negrombo, located about 35 kilometers north of Colombo. This was a long time ago a significant trading town for Portuguese and Dutch, but today it is not the trade that attracts guests here, but the fine beaches. Here you can both take part in city experiences and explore the genuine Sri Lanka. In addition, a wonderful beach slope and great excursion opportunities await. ( F )

Day 3: Negombo

Sri Lanka is a colorful island that has an incredible amount to offer. The lush mountains are covered with fragrant tea plantations and there are plenty of rice fields and rainforest, as well as beautiful chalk-white beaches. It abounds in various animal species, from peacocks and elephants to lip bears and leopards. The country’s culture and history stretches back more than 2,500 years, but is still very much alive. Dance, music and theater are closely linked and many ancient dances and rituals are still practiced by cheerful lankes. ( F )

Day 4-12: Sri Lanka on their own

Today, your tour of Sri Lanka continues – no hotels or excursions are booked, but you decide for yourself how you want to plan your trip. We at Winberg Travel help you find something based on your budget and tailor your trip so it will be exactly the way you want it. There are attractions in Sri Lanka for all ages and tastes:

Day 13: From Sri Lanka to Malé

After days on their own in Sri Lanka, it carries off to the Maldives. You take a taxi to the airport yourself. The time depends on when your flight departs. ( F )

Day 14: Malé – Vaadhoo canals

Our local representative in the Maldives makes sure you arrive at the boat that is ready to launch. Once everyone has settled in, the adventure begins with a boat trip through the Vaadhoo Canal. ( F , L )

Day 15: The idyllic, uninhabited island of Ambaraa

After a calm start to the day, continue towards the southernmost point of the archipelago, where you set course for Felidhoo. On this stretch you will see the local fishermen who carry out their daily chores. ( F , L , M )

Day 16: Fenboa Finolhu and the Meemu archipelago

Today the journey continues further south and you pass Meemu, an archipelago consisting of 34 islands, of which 25 are uninhabited. At the end of the day you will arrive at Fenboa Finolhu, which is also a beautiful uninhabited island. Here relaxation and beach hanging are on the schedule. ( F , L , M )

Day 17: Snorkeling at Dhlggaru

After breakfast, head east towards the inhabited island of Dhiggaru. The island is known for its fine snorkeling areas and you have plenty of time to explore the underwater world. Later in the day you visit a rural village where only a few tourists usually go. You have the opportunity to get to know the villagers and if you are lucky they will invite you to an evening show. Then awaits a traditional drum performance, whose rhythms form the basis of the entire archipelago’s folk music. ( F , L , M )

Day 18: Felidhoo archipelago

Today, the boat navigates back towards the Felidhoo archipelago. The rural villages may be similar, but you will soon notice that people live in many different ways. ( F , L , M )

Day 19: Emboodhoo Finolhu archipelago

This day is the longest boat trip and the journey goes all the way back to Malé, which is furthest north. During the day you have the opportunity to swim and cool off in the crystal clear water. The day ends on the island of Emboodhoo Finolhu, where you spend the night. ( F , L , M )

Day 20: Back to Malé / departure from Malé

Today is the last day on board and the boat is now heading towards Malé. If there is some time left before your flight abroad departs, you can treat yourself to a city of discovery, so that you can buy the last souvenirs. You take a taxi to the airport yourself and the time of course depends on when your flight departs. ( F )

Day 21: Arrival in Scandinavia

The arrival time to Scandinavia depends on the airline.

Overnight stays

Two nights in a mid-range hotel in Negombo
One night in a mid-range hotel in Hulhumale, Maldives
Six nights in a twin cabin.

Sri Lanka and The Maldives Archipelago