Stockholm Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, a Most Innovative Catwalk (II)

Pablo Ramírez w/v 2012

It is one of the catwalks European that is attracting more and more attention from the media in recent years, and is that the Stockholm fashion week, It is knowing very well positioned within the European fashion scene.

A mixture of consecrated signatures with young talents from meteoric career, attached to a very progressive and different view of trends, which mixes the most innovative proposals with the stylistic guidelines more classic and sober, lead us to look at some of the best looks for next season Spring/summer 2012 This innovative fashion week.

Pablo Ramírez

Cut xl, oversize silhouettes are two notes most characteristic of the silhouettes for next summer by Pablo Ramírez, an Argentine’s long career that has presented for the first time their designs in the Swedish capital with great acceptance by part of the public and the critics.

Her looks with very simple lines, sober and refined fit very well with the Nordic aesthetic sense that rewards almost always the functionality and comfort clothing, something that the outfits of this designer exude innately. Simple sets formed by various garment tailoring, loose clothing and classical pieces such as gabardine reworked and presented in various formats are some of the keys to this successful collection, which is presented entirely in black and white and grayscale.

Why network

Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson Keller y Jonas Clason Why network they created to the late 90’s, a project that was born of necessity, as they have declared their founders, to express themselves through clothing, under the premise of combining design, quality and functionality, premises that are clearly transmitted in the already very consecrated signature designs.

The next collection is based on the combination of utilitarian pieces of male dress very well combined between si, Chinese pants, raincoats, parkas and coats cut military or leather jackets are some of the must haves presented. As colors concerns the bet House from the earth tones accented by Orange, Texas and red, passing through the Green hunt and the inevitable black and white.

Ubi Sunt

The of Ubi Sunt is perhaps the most different proposal, very simple chromatically Since only uses the flatter tones (gray, dark blue, beige, raw…), but in the same way is the most sophisticated in terms of patterns referred to in.

Very blistering Court clothing, tops with pleating and draping, pants type baggy with several clamps and jackets shaped-based tables are some of the stylistic keys of a few looks that convey much movement and volume. An exquisite blend of delicate materials such as gauzes and silks in many cases with frayed finish with other more all-terrain such as cold wool and organic cotton.

Filippa K

We ended up with Filippa K, the firm created by the Swedish Filippa Knutsson true to his style, simplistic and very minimal returns to post quality and exquisite fabrics in sets of very clean lines in dominant use of the tailoring clothing well in total format look with outfits of clothing either by mixing these items with other more casual t-shirts, shorts and jackets type bomber of technical fabrics.

Slim cuts and the metallic finish they are two of the most repeated patterns in this collection that is presented with shades of blue (tuquesa, cyan, marino, indigo) combined with more natural colors such as beige, camel, tobacco or raw.