Study Sports Abroad

Germans like to play sports: There are almost 100,000 sports clubs and fitness studios in Germany and half of all residents say they do sports regularly. The national soccer team and top athletes like Sebastian Vettel or Dirk Nowitzki are known all over the world and are role models for millions of young people and adults.

With so much enthusiasm for sports, people are needed who deal professionally with the subject of sports. This does not mean, for example, budding football stars: In sports management, marketing , sports therapy and schools and clubs, professionals are sought who are familiar with the various aspects of the sport industry .

Sport as a subject

According to the different fields of work, differentiated courses in the field of sport are offered at German universities and sports colleges . Prospective students should first make clear in which area they would like to work later. Prospective sports teachers study sports science. Anyone who later wants to run a club as a sports manager is in better hands with business- oriented courses such as sports management. The courses of study differ greatly from one another in terms of their content.

Sports Science

According to Educationvv, sports science students have to be very fit: They are only admitted to the course if they pass the demanding sports entrance examination , in which they are tested in around 20 sports. They also do a lot of sport during their studies and have courses in gymnastics, athletics and dance , for example . But they also deal with the medical , sociological , psychological , educational and historical backgrounds of sport .

Sports management

Sports management students are not expected to do quite as much sport. Only at a few universities do applicants have to take a sports entrance examination or take practical sports courses. In most cases they study the field of sport from a theoretical perspective . You will deal with the basics of sports science , but also with business and economic content and the legal aspects of the world of sports.

Master’s degree

If you want to become a teacher, you have to add a Master of Education to your Bachelor of Sport Science . But a master’s degree is also worthwhile for everyone who does not see their future in the school sports halls. Finally, it qualifies for management positions and offers the opportunity to specialize even further in certain areas of sports science or sports management. The master’s programs are very differentiated in terms of content . The offer includes such diverse courses as competitive sport or international sport studies . Graduates of sports science bachelor’s programs can also specialize in the field of sports management.

Requirements for studying sport

For aspiring sports professionals, it is not only physical fitness and enthusiasm for sports that count – even if these are certainly good prerequisites for studying. Depending on which course you choose, you should also be interested in medical, psychological, sociological, educational and economic aspects. For many master’s courses, you also need a good command of English.

Occupational fields

Most sports scientists go to the Master of Education in the school system . For example, those who have not studied to be a teacher work

  • as sports therapists in rehab centers
  • as a consultant for professional athletes
  • as a developer of new training methods and sports equipment
  • in research

Sports managers tend to be more concerned with economic issues. For example

  • run sports clubs
  • organize sporting events
  • take care of the marketing for sporting goods manufacturers

Advantages of studying abroad in the field of sports

Not only the Germans are enthusiastic about sports. Big sporting events like the Olympic Games or World Championships show that sport crosses national borders . Sports scientists and managers regularly deal with athletes from all over the world, and many major sporting goods manufacturers do business around the world. A study abroad offers students the opportunity to these international aspects of the sports business prepare. You have the opportunity to get to know other sports and thus expand your scientific profile. Foreign language skills and intercultural skills acquired abroad are also welcome additional qualifications on the job market.

Study Sports