Study Statistics Abroad

Which investment is the safest? Is the new drug really effective? How old are we Which subject should I study in order to earn a lot of money later? Answering these questions has nothing to do with divination. Statisticians use scientifically collected data to help calculate probabilities and make statements about our society, economy and environment . Their job includes collecting the data in surveys, experiments or interviews, evaluating and interpreting them. The winning information technology , large amounts save with the help of data and can be processed, more and more importance.

Only a handful of universities and technical colleges offer statistics as an independent course of study. However, there is often the opportunity to specialize in statistics or empirical social research in courses such as mathematics , business administration or sociology .

Bachelor’s degree in statistics

In the independent bachelor’s programs in the field of statistics, students first learn the basic mathematical knowledge they need . They learn analysis and logic and gain insights into the procedures they need to represent and analyze data. In addition, the students learn about the possibilities for data collection , how they program statistical software and how to use relevant programs and databases. Courses in business administration, law and foreign languages ​​round off the curriculum. After completing the bachelor’s degree, graduates can start their careers straight away or add a master’s degree.

Master’s degree in statistics

According to Mcat-Test-Centers, the master’s programs offer the opportunity to specialize in a certain area of ​​statics , for example biometrics, social statistics or econometrics. Since the courses are also open to Bachelor graduates in related subjects, the initial focus here is often on teaching basic mathematical and statistical methods.

Requirements for studying statistics

Statistics students should definitely have a love for numbers and mathematics . The ability to think logically and analytically is essential. Knowledge of computer science is also useful for the course. In addition, students should have sufficient knowledge of English to understand some of the English-language specialist literature.

Occupational fields

The need for well-trained statisticians is great and the job prospects after studying are therefore very good . Classic employers are the Federal Statistical Office and institutes in the field of economics and market research . Banks, insurance companies and consulting companies also employ statisticians to calculate risks or develop new offers.

For example, they conduct drug studies in the research centers of large pharmaceutical companies. Biometric research institutes also employ statisticians. With a master’s degree, you can go into university research and teaching. The step into self-employment is also possible, for example as a market researcher.

Advantages of international experience for statisticians

As a budding statistician, take the opportunity to study abroad! One or more semesters at a foreign university offer you the opportunity to enrich your personal experience and acquire additional qualifications. On the one hand, you sharpen your scientific profile by learning new course content. On the other hand, you improve your foreign language skills. By the way, it is you, intercultural skills and important soft skills to that secure you a decisive advantage in the job market: You will learn not only to work in international teams, but also applies to you is to transfer cultural differences networks .

Study Statistics