Swype Beta, Available The New Version with Important Improvements

Swype is possibly one of the alternative systems for writing on a touch screen that most revolutionized the industry, proposing a method that we didn’t have to lift your finger from the screen, improving and speeding up the writing on the mobile and the tablet. Many of you also think alike and we have been closely following this application, as many times as it has been available any to download and test Beta version. This time have come back to release a new Beta that promises good improvements.

First of all, it should be noted that the servers to download the Beta are saturated. In my case, I have account beta-tester since 1 year ago, I had no problem to download the Installer application, once launched you will be asked your username and password to sign in and proceed to download the complete application. If you didn’t have a beta-tester user account might have problem to receive validation. If you fail, you can always try TouchPal Curve, which I discussed a few weeks ago and that follows in the footsteps of Swype closely.

Let’s go to the grain with all the new improvements:

  • They have expanded the range of new gestures on screen not directly related with writing, but if to streamline this task.
  • We can now emulate the always useful keyboard combinations of copy, cut, paste and select all, as simple as pressing the Swype key and then the letter C to copy, X for cut, V to paste and A to select all text.
  • Now we will be able send text to any of the applications used regularly on your mobile that, for the moment, are only supported for Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps.
  • To conclude they have added a dictionary that you can manage yourself, accessing it after pressing the Swype key. This will be very useful to add ‘ palabros ’ not recognized and that we use most often, and Swype will not be crazy looking to get what you want.

Well, what better way to watch a video with all these enhancements in action. I have to say that some are quite useful, but I need more atinar because I cannot write with the same speed and gestures that show person uses.

Indeed, warn that it is recommended to uninstall and delete the data from the version that you had installed previously if you find that this new Beta does not work correctly. In addition, if your mobile brings Swype pre-installed It will be mandatory for you to be Root to install this Beta.