Tactical Flashlight SHOKE XPG 300 Lumens

The greatest Power in the palm of your hand

Reducing the size while adding advantages and technology, is the project of any researcher.  

Getting a smaller size in the lanterns, has been a challenge that has finally been reached as far as possible, as further reducing it would make it a tool difficult to manipulate.

Once the ideal size has been achieved, SHOKE has turned its flashlight into the best option by adding 300 liters of light. And a range of 200 m. Real in their maximum power mode.

The tactical flashlight by SHOKE is made of T6 aeronautical aluminum with high shock and impact resistance. The XP G-R5 LED ensures the highest concentration of light, maximum utilization of batteries and 100,000 hours of life.

It includes a clip for fastening and a smart button with 5 modes of use: High power (300 lumens), medium (130 lumens), low power (70 lumens), strobe mode for signals and mode.

SOS Other technical specifications of the flashlight are as follows: The focus lens is made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate, cone and angled head for maximum reach and laterality, water resistant, uses 2 Lithium CR 123 batteries, includes the possibility of placing a Rope or rope to fix the lantern to the wrist and prevent falls or loss, diamond-shaped external chopping for maximum adhesion and high resistance EPOXI black paint. Their

Dimensions and weight are as follows: High … 120 mm. Diameter of the body … 23 mm. Diameter of the head … 25 mm. Empty weight…. 70 gr. With batteries…100 gr.

The SHOKE professional flashlight is therefore a “new tool” for Safety Professionals with the quality that ensures the support of the SHOKE Group (almost 30 years of experience in the security market) and with a price appropriate to the times in Those who live.