Talkdir, a Mostly Easy Translator

We have gone through many different translators, each with their pros and their contrars, but most require to write something to get the audio in case that you need it either to talk with another person or listen to learn the language, as well as a constant connection to take advantage of until the slightest capabilities. An approach to a very simple translator we are with Talkdir, an application which is also a patriotic product developed by a Spanish programmer.

Talkdir presents us with an interface and a design thought especially for tablets and mobile with large resolutions. That is why in the tests we did There are problems viewing on small screens as the of the HTC Hero which was tested application, although the developer has confirmed that in two weeks it will solve this problem along with other news. Saving the topic, the application complies with what promises: a few predefined sentences They help us to practice the language and can help us in the event that we travel in a tourist getaway.

In terms of the options it gives, he gives us four situations: meeting people, on a trip, a restaurant and a supermarket, each with his phrases, giving us a total of 29 predefined phrases that can help us to get away and practice the language whatever the case, from say hello to ask where are the eggs at a supermarket. The particularity of this translator is the predefined phrases are in a local, making file that We do not need a connection to hear these phrases, and are recorded by real people, giving a touch of realism that is much appreciated.

Also available in an a full translator to which a connection is required and translates us thanks to Bing and Google APIs words that insert and a translator gives as a result quite full. Now available the languages of English, French, German, Japanese, catalan and Italian, but other languages will be added later as the Russian.

The application is available in two ways: free Lite version y paid version It costs € 0.99. The main difference is that the free only lets you listen to the first three sentences in each category and the payment removes this limit, both versions without advertising.

Talkdirversion 1.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Mikel Camps Orteza
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / €0.99
  • Category: Tools