The Best Street Style of The Week (LXXV)

Increasingly have less time holiday and, therefore, enjoy fresh and relaxed looks. With the return of labor obligations touch forget, in the majority of cases, shorts and t-shirts and retrieve shirts and ties from the bottom of Cabinet. Taking advantage of these last summer tail, this week We bring you some street styles of summer more, combined with other more Demi-season.

I am of those who think you have to be very brave to take a short as short as the main image. Although they are a trend among the male sector for some seasons, it is not easy to find men who dare to teach so much leg. Therefore, brave and also very stylish can qualify this young man committed to not spend anything heat, thanks to the very short pants and straps t-shirt. And to protect themselves from the Sun, borsalino of straw and sunglasses style clubmaster.

Attention to this look in which its protagonist has chosen to use different on each foot sneakers. Nike brand, they are both the same model, but different color, both the range of Browns. What do you think? You atreveríais to do something similar? Once I’ve also seen it with Converse. Depending on the case it seems quite original.

Here’s one of my favorite outfits, both for its simplicity and the relaxed image that transmits. This is a clear example of that a couple of basic well combined with an outstanding look can be obtained. Some of the keys are constricting trousers above the ankle and combine with Brown aged air shoes.

This look, like the previous one, I quite like for its simplicity, but I think that in this case the attitude of who leads it brings personality to the same. Do you cut and fringed the Texans seem to air? I remember to have pants as well in my childhood, but long to not customizo long jeans. Do you think that it has in this case successful?

On more than one occasion I’ve expressed my taste by the vests. Here we have a set made up of this garment with unp shorts, which are joint rightly with a white long-sleeved shirt. Part of the accessories (shoes, belt and scarf) are in red, while the document holder in electric blue is that garnered all the attention.

We also find vest in this street style, in which he combines the formality of the upper part of the look with the relaxed character of the jeans. Wear tight shirt also contributes to this mix of styles.

We ended up with this light blue linen suit, ideal to wear in summer, mostly over tanned skins. Pink pastel shirt and brown suede shoes do not do more to contribute to this look do not pass unnoticed.