The Best Street-Style of The Week (LXXXVIII)

Although we have the Christmas just around the corner, good weather and pleasant temperatures are still monopolizing the prominence of unusual form for this point in the year.

This is why the most winter looks still are begging in the streets of half the world, but yet we find always looks, ideas and trends that are never more review and observe in our section of Street-style weekly.

And this week the thing goes from couples, as we saw a few weeks ago when we told you about couples they know to complement your style.

On the cover we see a Japanese couple in Tokyo in particular, where The Sartorialist shows us the unique style that can be found in one of the cities with more flashy looks per square meter.

A look more classic but equally interesting is that presents or Alfaiate Lisbon ills of style where we see a look where playing with color without falling into strident.

Returning to the looks alone from Street Style Aesthetic propose us a monochrome look seen in the streets of London made out of clothing vintage except the shoes belonging to Comme de Garcons.

And though it may seem that we have gone backwards a few decades back in time this snapshot is very modern, also obtained by the streets of London where dress of Ralph Lauren This guy tries to make a plea to the more traditional dress.

If anyone had any doubt what the required clothing this fall on the street because we have the answer: the parkas. We have an example in this very simple and sober look but at the same time very urban, ideal for those who want to go to the last without becoming fashion victims.