‘ The Chronicles of Inotia III: Children of Carnia’: a Classic RPG for Android

Today we propose a RPG with all the classic taste of the genre, with pixelated graphics, dialogues, objects of power, dozens of missions, tons of maps to go, and multiple character classes each with their own skills: ‘ The Chronicles of Inotia III: Children of Carnia & #8217;.

The game itself is free with ads, and it is perfectly playable on Android terminals and Honeycomb tablets. In fact, application screenshots are taken on a Tablet, and as you can see it scale perfectly. Furthermore, it is possible to configure the controls to adapt them to every screen size and the taste of the user.

In ‘ Children of Carnia ’ follow the history of Lucio, a young man about to celebrate their rite of passage to adulthood and that, as it is traditional in these adventures, soon it will be dragged into piles of missions which, together, will take you to faced with a great evil.

At the beginning of the game, you can select the kind of character that Lucio will have: Archmage, barbarian, Hunter, priest, paladin … than usual, so do not think that I should explain the benefits of each. All have special abilities that are used as if they were spells, but each has their own.

Lucio will not be only on his adventure, as a large number of characters will pass by our group (and will also leave you). Most of the time, We will have two companions, that is the limit. For those cases in which someone leave the group, we can pull of mercenaries, characters without a name which you can activate from the panel.

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple. We start from a main mission that is changing time as events are happening. Will also provide us secondary missions that, by completing them, will give us experience points and perhaps money and magic items. All missions open are listed on our panel, where a “ main ” indicates what are that we need to achieve to advance.

Dialogue, dialogue… It is important during the game to follow the story, but not critical. It is not the typical game in which until not you talk to a character do not activate other options, so you need to be talking with ones and others to activate the following mission. In fact, the characters that you have to necessarily speak are marked with a sign of exclamation point or question mark.

There are tons of magic items, although many of them can only use them from that upload of a certain level, or they are linked to a character class (the barbarians cannot used Wizard hats). In addition there are scrolls that serve to enhance weapons and armor.

The game features with a Alchemy system very curious. There are objects that are components, which we can combine in the “ Fusion Machines ” (sort of box yellow tube that appears in the image above). Along the way we encounter with “ recipes ” of objects to add to our manual, which indicate which components have to be mixed to create objects, potions or other different components.

The difficulty of the game shrinks exponentially. The beginning is difficult, costs money, and find objects, and we hardly have space to store them. But soon we will have money to buy almost anything you need, to the extent that leaves interest buy items, because magical objects that we encounter along the way are more powerful and large backpacks.

In addition, except for the creatures of end of mission, should be somewhat awkward to get to die, and yet there are scrolls of resurrection that not go wrong price, if someone in the group falls in battle.

As regards advertising … is something intrusive, but you soon get to ignore it. To map change sometimes appears an announcement. It is assumed that if you click you get some type of improvement in the game, but the couple of times that I’ve done nothing has happened (except that on two occasions was downloaded an EXE file, which could do little in Honeycomb but gives to think). There is a shop where we can pay real money for magical objects, but taking into account the low difficulty of the game, I see it absurd.

Perhaps most uncomfortable for the player is the limited space in the inventory. We started with a backpack with 16 spaces, another four, and space for other two backpacks. By the way can I buy backpacks of four and eight positions, but they are quite expensive. Over time we will have money enough to buy three bags of eight holes, but even so we will soon see notices of “ can not bear more objects & #8221;.

But there are some tricks you can use to relieve this. If we have mercenaries, we can equip them with objects and change active character, so we can use them as storage. At any time we can recover those objects, even characters that have been lost along the way.

The story is fairly linear, and perhaps the only point where we can have some confusion is in the path of the map. Sometimes I’ve had to take turns to find the next question that opens a new mission, but this is not usual. It is more common to have a pair of missions primary and four secondary, and very clearly what needs to be done to continue.

I especially liked the variety of objects and creatures with which we are faced, as well as the system of Alchemy, that could be something richer. But what most I liked, and it is some of what you could learn many Android apps in general, is the setting the controls on the screen.

In the above image you can see the configuration screen, where we can change the position of all the buttons, their degree of transparency, and even the size, to adapt them perfectly to our tastes and the dimensions of the screen. A delight.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, check it out. Ahead, you will have many hours of mystical objects, swords and spells, and all free, with the flavor of life role play.

The Chronicles of Inotia III: Children of Carnia Version 1.1.9

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Com2uS
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: RPGs, RPG

It protects your loved ones of Carnia joining the adventure. What does it take to change the fate of a warrior? An inevitable fate hangs over the children of Carnia. The new adventure is about to begin on the continent of Inotia.

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