The Detection of “Ok Google” from Any Screen Now Available in Spanish, and More Languages

Finally! Google has begun to activate the detection of the active Word “Ok Google” from any screen in most languages, which include the Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Korean and Japanese,

With the detection of “Ok Google” from any screen we turn into our device in all a hands-free, especially now that since a few weeks ago the application asks you to complete incomplete voice commands, so that we have to touch the screen.

This feature is activated from the Google Search application settings, in Voice > Ok Google detection. There will have to activate the option “from any screen” to educate our voice model. If we want to make detection is also available in the lock screen or while the phone is charging we have to activate the option “if it is locked”.

Once activated da same on what application we are at that point, saying “Ok Google” launches is the search by voice so we can make a voice command, either to perform a search, in order to check the time, the hour, make a call, send a SMS and cia.

If not let us enable the detection of “Ok Google” option from any screen we can try to force it to looking for “Ok Google Everywhere” (without the quotes) from your own application from Google. If still does not appear we touch we wait for that Google activates it ourselves for our device. Surely in coming days to release an update.