The New Gmail 2.3.5 for Android Blocks The Communication with External Applications

A few days ago Google He launched update Gmail for Android application 2.3.5 and priori, all have been advantages. As well, seems that this update has not well fallen developers and many users because, to avoid security problems, Google decided to disable the API responsible for sending information of new messages from the Inbox to the third-party applications (or external). So if, for example, you used LauncherPro Gmail notification in the dock, with Gmail 2.3.5 This counter will no longer.

Many were those who hastily update since, as more normal, with each new update is the aim is to improve enforcement in all areas. True that stifle a possible security problem also enter into these terms, but does not find previous information us has affected many by surprise. The list of affected applications, for the time being, it would be: Launcher Pro by Federico Carnales, E-mail Notifier of mapeapps, MessageCenter Coffee Shop Studio, Notify Me from Jeff Tycz, Talking Gmail Reader Ed Kawas, GmailRinger of and LED I know of p0w4p0ty (developer who sent us this notice).

We warned all concerned and not yet done so to prevent. However ‘ pray ’ so that Google creates a new alternative/API, so that developers can continue by referring to the status of the mailbox in your Gmail, but without putting at risk the security of the service. You have more details at the links at bottom of page. If you are being affected by this update with any of your widgets/apps I’d like to us to comment with which or whom you are taking, so it will have for the rest of users concerned.