They Return to the ‘Leggings’? Or They Have Never Gone? Guide to Using 2015

Since the 1950s, each decade of the last century and the two we have the dosmil, have had their own version of the ‘leggings’. This year, returning with force in almost all versions of other decades: the basic point of Madonna of the 1980s, the ‘fuseau’ of the nineties and the inspired by dosmil era of vinyl.

This season, combine them with chunky knit sweaters, skirts or dresses overlapping and Baroque coats. Several decades on legs: ‘jeggins’, overlap, or leggings League. Make use of this manual from DeadlyLeggings.

A decade, a legging

Although already in the 1950s Audrey Hepburn posed with the black ‘leggings’ of Emilio Pucci, popularized from the 80s. This pantalon that acts as a second skin became the garment star of 1985 Thanks to the early style of Madonna. TO mid-90s, in the heyday of the ‘supermodels’, appeared the model ‘fuseau’ that is distinguished by a strip that holds it under the foot. In 2006 was Kate Moss who dared to replace the tuxedo pants by a ‘legging’ of vinyl: It became it in viral fashion that same year.

Vinyl leather

In 2015, if you are looking for a legging that makes you great guy bet by skin or leather. You have to be realistic, will improve your figure, but remember that Naomi Campbell There is only one. This garment can be unkind with your hips because pockets without visually extends the buttocks. Although to Kim Kardashian It is what you like, there are many women like her. Opting to combine these ‘leggings’ with outerwear covering the hip is the Trump for a stylish ‘look’ as of Miranda Kerr.


These ‘leggings’ are perfect for the day and for a sporty ‘look’, but you must know the rules of the game. The first: the pattern stretches in wider areas of the body, the hips, careful with that because neither to the bodies of Alessandra Ambrosio or Gisele Bundchen It does them justice. The second: It’s a very ‘sport’ garment, not combines it with high heels. The third: relax with the color of the rest of your ‘outfit’. And remember: It is always best to cover your hip.

The ‘jeggins’

Are a kind of cowboy ‘super skinny’ that acts as a second skin. They tend to be of fine cotton, so holding less than the ‘denim’ and this makes that only the tiny figures like Sienna Miller they can use them as if they were pants. If you have a body with curves following the proposals of Beyonce or Jessie J., that you prefer to combine their ‘jeggins’ with a jacket or a coat in order to Stylize their figures.

The ‘fuseau’

It is the model of ‘legging’ which is fastened under the foot with an elastic band so that the fabric is taut. It is another one of those items that return this year of the nineties by the hand of Stella McCartney. A bet ‘cool’ that she interprets point and in version ‘sporty’, with ‘bomber’ and Oxford platform shoes. But beware, the same garment can be converted into tragedy if, as Katie Holmes, choose them foam and combine them with high-heeled sandals.

Combined with wool

If you combine any garment with wool, including ‘ leggings’, you automatically get your ‘look’ to become comfortable. If you opt for shoes heel and ‘leggings’ of skin as Olivia Palermo, wool and cowl neck sweater provides warmth to a style that might be too sophisticated for the day. For morning you better choose those of cotton that carry Jessica Alba and Claudia Schiffer, and combine them with flat shoes and a long wool jersey, they will be your best allies.

2015 overlaps

The season entering comes with new features for this garment, the most is to take it ‘under ‘s’, which is not the center of your style and support. You can choose a skirt with openings to show your ‘leggings’ of skin, like making Christine Centenera, an asymmetric dress to match the animal print, such as Jessica Hart, and even out of party dresses embroidered with betting everything on black as Kate Bosworth.

Other styles

But as in fashion there are no rules, you can also do that they become in the center of attention. It is the case of the ‘leggings-League’ of the model Behati Prinsloo. He wore them as part of a styling ‘grunge’ which included pictures and boots Dr. Marteens shirt. Also the Italian House Dolce & Gabbana play the dismissal in his campaign to mix the Baroque a Brocade and embroidery, coat with the sports and relaxation of the ‘leggings’ of wool.