Travel in Maldives Part V


Beautiful sun holiday in the Maldives with accommodation at Reethi Faru Resort with fantastic views of the sea that changes in all shades of blue, dazzling white sandy beaches – a real paradise both above and below the water!

Relaxation, white beaches and lots of exciting underwater experiences. For many of us, the Maldives is a piece of paradise on earth and Reethi Faru Resort is no exception. The island is at a convenient distance from Malé Airport so it is quick and easy to get here. Then just enjoy the holiday, the atmosphere and the surroundings! See ebizdir for economy of Maldives.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Departure from Scandinavia on the way to the Maldives capital Malé, where you will arrive the next day. One or two stopovers will be added depending on which airline you travel with.

Day 2: Arrival in Malé

Upon arrival in Malé, you will be picked up at the airport by local flight and then take the fast motorboat the last bit to Reethi Faru Resort. Here awaits a washable paradise so take off your shoes and enjoy barefoot life on the island.

Day 3-8: Reethi Faru Resort

Reethi Faru Resort is the perfect starting point for your dream trip to the Maldives. Spend your days hanging out on the beach and relaxing in the shade with your holiday book, or have it cozy on your terrace. If you want to be more active, it is wonderful to dive or snorkel until the sun goes down in the magical underwater world. At dusk, it is then a good idea to play a tennis match. You can swim among corals and fish in all the colors of the rainbow. With a little luck, you will see a playful dolphin or a turtle slowly swimming past in the crystal clear water. ( F , M )

Day 9: Departure from Reethi Faru Resort

After a wonderful week in the Maldives, it’s time to go home. You will be picked up at your hotel and take a boat and plane back to Malé Airport. The time depends on when your flight abroad departs. ( F )

Day 10: Arrival in Scandinavia

Arrival time to Scandinavia depends on which airline you fly with.

Overnight stays

Seven nights at Reethi Faru Resort in Deluxe Beach Villa


Island loaf in the Maldives in your own boat – cruise on clear blue water between sandy beaches and adventure. Perfect for a larger family or with friends.

This trip takes you on sailing adventures among the Maldives islands and atolls with stops on beautiful beaches, delicious snorkeling spots and inhabited small islands where you meet people and enjoy the local food.

We can arrange private boats in different sizes for larger or smaller families, friends or groups of friends. The boat rental includes crew, full board and lots of opportunities for various activities. This travel proposal is based on 10 people traveling together and can of course be adapted to suit your wishes.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

You fly to the Maldives – during the trip you have one or two stopovers depending on which airline you travel with.

Day 2: Arrival in the Maldives

You meet at the airport and have a transfer to the boat that is ready and waiting for you. When everyone has settled into their cabins, enjoyed the welcome drink and received the safety instruction, the journey starts and you steer through the Vaadhoo canal. There is already time today to take a first dip and snorkel among fish and corals. ( L , M )

Day 3-7: With your own boat among the Maldives atolls

For the next five days, you will cruise around the southern Malé and Felidhua tolls. You drop anchor at local islands and sandbanks and explore the surroundings on foot. At Felidhoo you can meet the locals and get an insight into the culture of the Maldives while Ambaraa Island offers uninhabited beaches. At the southern atolls you can also see traditional industries such as fishing and boat building. If the weather is good, you also stop at one of the uninhabited islands and have a nice BBQ where the food is served in the light of the torches. There is total relaxation on board. You can laze in a deck chair on the deck, cuddle up with a book, play games or look for dolphins. There is also a TV and music room with a small bar for those who want. The crew makes sure that delicious meals are served and of course lots of swimming and snorkeling. There is also fishing equipment for those who feel like helping to arrange the next meal. (F , L , M )

Day 8: Back to Malé

You step ashore again on Malé. From here, either the trip goes back home to Scandinavia or you continue the adventure. There are lovely villas to rent just half an hour by boat from Malé. Or why not go ahead and take a tour of Sri Lanka? The possibilities are almost endless! If you choose to go home again, you will land at home again the next day. ( F )

Day 9: Arrival in Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Six nights on board a double cabin

Travel in Maldives Part V