School and Education in Tuvalu

It is a free and compulsory school for children aged 6-15. The elementary school is 8 years old and high school 2 years old. There are elementary schools in all the islands and a high school for the whole country. The only higher education institution is a maritime school, as well as a subdivision of the University of South Pacific, both at Funafuti. Other education can be taken in Fiji or other countries by scholarship.

Land area 26 km²
Total population 11,342
Residents per km² 436.2
Capital Funafuti
Official language Tuvaluan, English
Income per capita $ 3,800
Currency Australian dollar
ISO 3166 code TV
Internet TLD .tv
License plate TUV
Telephone code +688
Time zone UTC +12
Geographic coordinates 8 00 S, 178 00 O

Children and School

Compulsory schooling for everyone

Schooling is compulsory for the children on Tuvalu and there is even a primary school on each of the nine atolls. 95 out of 100 islanders can read and write.

On the following video you can see how children in Tuvalu live and the dangers they are exposed to.

Tuvalu Country Flag

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