University of California Riverside Review

This summer I wanted to use my lecture-free time to finally come to the USA. A combination of study and vacation seemed the most sensible to me. The search for a suitable university that offers a summer session in the right time frame and with the right courses turned out to be more difficult than expected, so I was happy to come across MicroEDU by chance and to find a direct contact person.

I decided on the Summer Session II at the UCR (University of California, Riverside, see anycountyprivateschools), because it took place in a period that was suitable for me (30. 07. -09. 09. ) And also offered a marketing course. Although I only wanted to take one course, I took a second course (Business Ethics) because the cost of the Summer Session ($ 1900) entitles me to attend two courses. You can choose between the Extension Center (approx. $ 26 per night), the International Village (approx. $ 28 per night) or accommodation with a host family (approx. $ 25 per night). I opted for the IV and got off with it quite well, even if the kitchen unfortunately had no other equipment apart from the microwave and the kitchenette (plates, cutlery, pans, pots, toaster,. . . I still had to buy). Alternatively, there is also the possibility of looking for something externally, as there are many apartments on offer in the immediate vicinity of the university, some of which are cheaper and better equipped. The university has existed since 1954 and has a large, well-kept campus and numerous sports facilities. All documents that you need for your course can be bought on site. However, you should expect 100-200 $ for teaching material and books if you are not lucky enough to get your books in the library (it is advisable to visit the library before the course starts – first come first served).

The marketing course (advertising) that I took with Dr. Sean Jasso proved it was a great experience and a change from the usual everyday German student life. Long definitions and boring PowerPoint presentations were completely dispensed with and replaced by a free lecture, which was supported by advertisements from the Internet and short films. It was particularly important for the professor to convey the material in such a way that it could be put into practice immediately. This was particularly evident in group work in which an advertising plan for a real company had to be developed and presented.

As a German student you are exotic at University of California Riverside and can prepare yourself for a number of questions from fellow students, most of whom are Americans, Chinese and Taiwanese.

It is advisable to rent a car and visit nearby cities and beaches on the weekends (LA Venice Beach and Malibu approx. 60 minutes / Las Vegas approx. 4 hours / San Diego 2 hours / Tijuana 2. 5 hours / San Francisco 5 hours à drive Highway 1). Riverside is a rather medium size that belongs to the greater LA area and has no special attractions. But you have the opportunity to buy everything you need in the immediate vicinity of UCI and fast food fans get their money’s worth, as most of these chains are represented in University Avenue alone. Of course there are night clubs too, but they can’t keep up with those in LA. The daytime temperatures were between 35-45 C (on Venice Beach between 20-30 C).

University of California Riverside Review